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MXR Stereo Chorus Effect Pedal – Ultimate Fidelity Chorus Box

4.7 out of 5 stars

MXR Innovations, is a globally popular guitar effect pedals manufacturing company, founded in 1972, and incorporated in 1974. They’re now owned by Jim Dunlop, as one in a line of a few brand names taken under their wing. Dunlop still produces MXR original effects, while adding unique innovations to some of their product lines. An introduction is in order for the MXR Stereo.


This all-around chorus pedal features a footswitch for switching between effect or hardwire bypass, complemented with a LED indicator. A unique bass filter button, which assures there’s no interference with your low-end tone, and a wide variety of options for control. The pedal contains stereo outputs for increased tonal transmission. It can run on 2 9V batteries, or a Dunlop ECB-004 18V AC Adapter, that comes included with the pedal itself.

imagesOn the physical side, this pedal is extremely durable and colored in a dominating yellow, for excellent visibility and clarity of its control knobs no matter where you place it. Also, if it’s not already easy to use, the instruction manual is especially helpful and detailed to help you get going and set it up within minutes with precise understanding.


The control knobs featured on this pedal are as follows: Rate and Width – which modify your chorus tone, from subtlety to richness and depth, and anything in between. The Bass and Treble options can be dialed down or up ranging 12 dB, providing immense variance and space for experimentation beyond measures. Lastly, Intensity naturally controls the overall level of the effect provided by the pedal.


This grandiose work of art by MXR has it all, it will take your sound to new heights and qualities you wouldn’t know were possible prior to its acquisition. You can dial it down to 0 and get no effect whatsoever, all the way up to outputting noises reminiscent of vibrato. Tinker with the options and get your desired effect on your entire chorus, or in whatever part of you desire. Its options offer mixing and matching a variety of effects providing unique and high quality outputs, which were previous unheard of. Regardless of what you decide to play, this wonder box has you covered and takes all of your worries away. The manufacturers have truly outdone themselves and offered one of the most versatile chorus available on the market.


If you’re looking for a functional and adaptable chorus pedal, with all the angles covered and more options you could ask for, then look no further. It crushes its competition and it’s the best you can get within its price range.

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