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MXR M234 Analog Chorus – Old School Signal Handling

4.9 out of 5 stars

Hailed as one of the finest chorus pedals on the market, the MXR M234 pedal combines cutting-edge modern production values with traditional values crafted by all-time giants of the instrument.

We are looking at a top-notch, yet very much affordable pedal you can find as a part of rigs of many guitar pros around the globe. It's quality-sounding, versatile and durable. Let's check out some of the details now!


Two things immediately stand out here – first of all, this is an analog pedal, which means organic and natural tone; secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, this device utilizes bucket-brigade circuitry, one of the most sought-out types of circuitries of the pedal world. When combined, these two components secure a top-level sound, and we're thoroughly impressed by the fact that the manufacturer managed to sum 'em up in one package for this price.

Apart from that, the pedal features In, Mono, and Thru jacks, along with a set of 5 control knobs.

In the aesthetic department, we'd like to give major kudos to MXR because this thing is not only sturdy, but also gorgeous!



So, let's see what those 5 knobs are all about:

Level – This knob determines the level of chorus effect that is injected into your audio signal. The more you increase it, the more chorus and less clean guitar signal you get in the final mix.

Rate – Use this knob to adjust the speed of the chorus. The more you crank it up, the faster and more swirly it'll get.

Depth – This control sets up the intensity of the chorus, allowing you to secure a stronger punch with higher values.

Low + High – Two basic EQ settings, use them to alter your sound with more or less high- and low-end frequencies, respectively. Essentially, these two adjust the frequencies that the chorus effect will not affect.


The sound produced by this puppy is quite pleasant and easy on the ears. The knobs allow you to dial in a variety of sounds, ranging from slight boosts to angelic voicing. The effect will blend into your tone seamlessly and give you the ability to craft actual music, and that's what we love about it the most.

The shimmering tone has mostly reminded us of '80s rock and metal ballads, or songs with slower parts, for example Metallica's “(Welcome Home) Sanitarium” or Dream Theater's “Pull Me Under,” but you can also set up a variety of other tones to suit any genre from pop to metal.


Overall, we proudly put this chorus among the very top of our selections. If you need a chorus in general, you can't go wrong with this MXR regardless of your skill level and personal musical preferences. That's not something we can say about a whole lot of pedals, but this fella is definitely one top-notch beast. Use it for riffing, use it for arpeggiated picking, use it in combination with other effects, it will always give high-end results. Good stuff, thoroughly recommended!

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