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MXR Dyna Comp Effects Pedal – A Well Known Design That Still Works

4.6 out of 5 stars

MXR Innovations is a guitar effects pedal manufacturing company based and founded in New York, 1972. They are currently owned by Jim Dunlop, as you might have noticed their brand names frequently matched together. MXR still produces standalone products, as they have since their foundation, many popular classics have emerged from their production lines, such as the MXR Dyna Comp Effects Pedal – one of the most commonly used compression pedals.

The manufacturers offer two version of this pedal: One is a limited edition based on the classic release from 1976 – remaining very close to the original, used by the likes of David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. And the modern version currently under review (and present in our compression pedals list), which came on the market much later on in 1995.

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This classic remains true to its former design with its compact and tough chassis covered in red, it has your standard ins and outs, weighs 1 pound and it requires either a 9V battery or a Dunlop AC power supply box to run. The richness of this fancy box is emphasized by the fact that it contains an “in-line” compressor that balances the signal to your amp flawlessly, disarming the need of manually controlling that specific aspect of your pedal. It provides naturally expansive sustain without destabilizing your sound’s dynamics.


The controls featured on the pedal are very understanding and easy to use whilst providing magnificent sustain with “Nashville” studio sound quality. The knobs in question offer tuning of Output and Sensitivity, for further clarification Output can be regarded as a volume control – upping it increases gain and aggression while the pedal itself modifies your low-end tones to match it, tuning the Sensitivity knob determines the amount of actual sound compression.


This beautiful classic firmly holds its ground to this day, even after passing the 30 year mark since its original release. You’ll achieve awesome lead tones with excellent sustain, which will definitely aid in your stand out performances, if you want you can dial the controls to their maximum and witness a more metal-like sound, these are just a few of the possibilities this gorgeous pedal offers. Play with the controls as you desire and you will find the perfect tone matching your needs, with just the right amount of sustain. The original intent and style of your sound will remain intact, while smoothing it out or boosting it up to the extremes.


There’s a good reason this masterpiece has remained with us for so long, in spite of the dangerous competition offering pedals with higher flexibility. However the Dyna Comp has kept its remarkable sound quality and it’s the go-to compression pedal for many guitar pros even to this day. At an extremely affordable price, this piece of work is perfect if you want to delve into the world of compression and expand the feel of your sound.

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