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Moog ACCEP003 EP3 Review ­ Rock Solid Performer

4.3 out of 5 stars

Moog's reputation of delivering excellence is well known. Their EP3 further proves this by being one of the best expression pedals you can find right now. Today we are going to take a closer look and see what it has to offer. As it turns out,EP3 offers a lot.



Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go, hands down. That is certainly what Moog has wanted to do with EP3. The pedal is about as basic as they come. Unlike most other brands out there, Moog wanted to create an inexpensive expression pedal that does nothing more and nothing less. It comes in a fairly sturdy chassis that inspires confidence and is capable of withstanding a beating should it need to. The pedal surface is rubberized and features a very efficient pattern. Furthermore, Moog used their brand new cam system which ensures smooth pedal travel as well as good balance. Inputs and outputs come in form your standard 1/4″ TRS, meaning that Moog EP3 is compatible with just about any piece of audio gear out there. Overall, it may be simple but Moog EP3 gets you exactly what you want from an expression pedal.



Much like it is the case with other expression pedals, the only real control on Moog EP3 is the switch below the pedal surface itself. We have already mentioned Moog's cam system, but when you combine it with the switch they've chosen, you get one really smooth and controllable expression unit. Moving on, there are two other controls that you need to know about. First one is your output level knob. It is a pretty straight forward component, but definitely not something you see all too often. The other is the polarity switch. Polarity switch is there to ensure that Moog EP3 is compatible with all kinds of equipment. As of now, you can use this thing with keyboards, pedals that have expression port, synths and more. Again, it is all simple. Great thing about such a no­ nonsense approach is that using the pedal comes natural.


One thing that happens when you keep things simple is that it's much easier to reach a certain standard of performance. Moog EP3 is efficient, reliable and consistent. There is plenty of range in there for just about any application, meaning that you won't feel limited in any way. The fact that it is compatible with a whole array of equipment makes it great tool to have as a musician who plays different instruments. Lastly, this thing is so compact and light. When it comes to shaving off weight and transporting your gear more easily, Moog EP3 is great choice. Just pop it in your gear bag and you won't even feel it. The pedal comes with a 6.5′ cable out of the box, however you will have to get an appropriate cable if you want to mount it on a pedalboard.


Overall, Moog has created a very simple, efficient, and most importantly affordable expression pedal. It works great no matter what your intended application is, while you can always count on that classic Moog build quality. If you just need an expression pedal, Moog EP3 comes across as a logical choice.

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