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Mooer TVR1 Shimverb Pro Dual Digital Reverb Pedal – A Truly Versatile Powerhouse

4.8 out of 5 stars

The Mooer TVR1 is a genuine powerhouse and one of the most intricate reverb pedals on the market. Aimed towards player who want to incorporate the reverb sound as one of the focal points of their sound, this pedal offers a rich sonic palette for you to play with.

We're looking at a bit larger pedal, so make sure there's enough room in your pedal-board. Apart from that, let's dissect this dude!


The device comes with a sturdy gray metal casing, weighing in at 3 pounds and featuring a total size of 1.8 x 4.2 x 6.8 inches. The two basic audio features that can be activated via separate foot-switches are Reverb and Shimmer effects. Those can be set up to match your needs to a tea through 6 separate knobs, but more on those a bit later.

In the rest of the mix, the pedal has the ability to store presets, allowing you to experiment with no restrictions or worrying about losing that good sound you managed to dial in. The pedal operates with a stereo input and stereo output, including an effects trail on/off switch that can also switch between buffer bypass and true bypass modes.

Mooer TVR1 Shimverb Pro Dual Digital Reverb Pedal-2


Two big knobs + 6 small knobs. The left big knob is used for controlling the level of shimmer effect (if turned on), while the right knob selects one of the 5 available types of reverb – Room, Hall, Church, Plate, and Spring. Now, those small knobs…

Dry – This knob controls the original level of your guitar. The more you crank it up, the more natural tone and less reverb and shimmer you get.

Low Cut + High Cut – These two controls are used for adjusting the tone of the reverb, allowing you to create a tone ranging from a low-end driven muddy vibe all the way to a razor-sharp sonic attack.

Pre-delay – If you want to add a delay effect ahead of your reverb, kick this knob into high gear.

Decay – Use this knob to control the length, or timing of the reverb. The more you add it, the more spacious and echo-driven your sound will become.

Wet – Opposing the Dry control, this knob adjusts the level of reverb infused into your sonic output.


First and foremost, this is a very solid delay, a top-level deal for the listed price. The sound is natural and organic, spacious, moody, and flowing. But when you add the shimmer effect is when the whole thing really picks it up a notch with some angelic choruses in the background. The listed controls allow you to create a variety of sounds, and we firmly believe that any guitarist out there will find that right tone with this fella. Simple to use, highly effective, this pedal got it right!


Overall, this is a fine pedal for the listed price. We are looking at a serious piece of equipment any advanced player can use. If you rely on echo on your playing, getting this pedal should be a no-brainer.

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