Martin DRS2 Road Series Acoustic Guitar – Another C. F. Martin’s Champion

Martin DRS2 Road Series Acoustic Guitar – Another C. F. Martin’s Champion


Body&Neck:4.6 Stars
Hardware:4.4 Stars
Sound:4.6 Stars
Value:4.7 Stars
Average:4.6 Stars

Martin never stop innovating and improving, in numbers and in quality. The vast array of remarkable instruments speak on behalf of everyone when it comes to quality, via the astounding tones they carry. The Road Series is a line of excellent sounding hi-quality acoustic guitars which can also be avid companions on the go. If you’re a travelling musician, your best bet is to go with a Martin git of this kind.

The DRS2 acoustic-electric is a guitar which embodies all their values of quality and affordability. While the 800$ price tag it carries may not be categorized as affordable in itself, when you compare it with the instrument’s tones and immaculate design, it certainly can.

H80798000001000-00-500x500Body & Neck
This guitar packs just enough punchy projection to make you one satisfied player regardless of where you perform. The body features a solid Sitka spruce top which strikingly resembles mahogany wood, and a black pickguard atop. The sides and back are made of solid sapele packing a gorgeous satin finish. The set-in neck is a special highlight in this guitar, it features a modified low oval shape ensuring playability at its finest.

The neck is also made of multilaminated Stratabond – aiding in greater endurance and stability. The fingerboard is made of black Richlite, which holds similarities to Ebony. The fingerboard is equipped with 20 frets and white dot position inlays. The nut is 1.68” wide, while the overall scale of the instrument amounts to 25.4”.

DRS2_h_1Hardware & Electronics
The unique and enduring black Richlite is also featured on the bridge system, using white black-dotted pins, highlighting the designer’s expert craftsmanship in the hardware just as well as anywhere else. The strings are further reaffirmed by the six chrome enclosed tuning machines situated on the stylish Martin headstock – rounding off the instrument at the top.

The electronic elements of this lovely git are delivered by its internal Fishman Sonitone system, sitting underneath the sound hole in an easily accessible manner.

What to expect from the masters of tone and quality? I’ll say; nothing but the best. The top projects a lush, crispy tone with superb responsiveness, while the sapele sides ensure a deadly focused midrange with excellent sustain. The neck is a beast of its own kind, taking playability to a whole new level.

This masterpiece offers a combination of gorgeous tones and balanced bass levels with a steady focus, never unleashing unnecessary loudness unless you command it to. The electronics provide a naturally brighter and louder projection, enhancing your tones – which is great for live settings when plugged in. They are nothing groundbreaking – just satisfying. If you are more into electronics you can upgrade the pickup system, then it becomes a different story.


The DRS2 is a travel-friendly versatile beast from Martin which deserves nothing but praise. If you decide to spend big; it is one of my first recommendations.

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