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Mackie HR624mk2 Review – Improved Monitor with Useful Controls

4.7 out of 5 stars

The latest iteration of Mackie’s HR624 – the mk2 – retains all the features audiophiles loved from the popular originals, but with a few tweaks and upgrades that make it a hard monitor to pass on, even at the higher end of affordable. Let’s take a closer look at the mk2 and see what’s new!



It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the HR624mk2, even though the build is pretty much identical to the higher-end HR824mk2 (albeit in a more compact package – it stands at 13.1” tall and 8.6” wide). As you may expect from a monitoring speaker under $500, the build quality is very solid. The cab is made from a 3/4” thick MDF construction with internal bracing, along with an open-cell adiabatic foam material to absorb internal reflections and dampen standing waves.

In terms of aesthetics, there’s nothing too extravagant, but the sophisticated glossy piano-black finish of the cab complements the charcoal grey metal Zero Edge Baffle, which is constructed from a solid piece of aluminum. This baffle helps minimize diffraction and results in great clarity. Ultimately, it’s a sophisticated speaker and would sit happily in any professional studio setup.

The front features the simple Mackie logo along with a single control for power on/off (this features a white light that turns red when the system is pushed). However, it’s around the back where you find the majority of controls (see below), as well as balanced XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs.



Mounted into the baffle, the HR624mk2 features a 6.7” high-precision, low-distortion LF driver sitting below a 1” titanium dome, ferrofluid-cooled tweeter. In terms of spec, this all translates to a beefy output, with a frequency response of 49Hz to 20kHz.

One nifty new feature of the HR624mk2 is the Acoustic Space Controls (located on the back of the cab), which gives great sound accuracy whatever the size of the room. The controls comprise ‘full space’, ‘half space’ and ‘quarter space’, which adjust the bass response of the speaker, whether it is sitting in the middle of the room, against a wall or even jammed into a corner. You’ll also find both low and high frequency filters, as well as an input sensitivity dial.


The overall sound of the mk2 is very much on par with the original HR624s and delivers a very well-balanced output that’s fairly flat and accurate for monitoring purposes. Thanks to the new baffle design, the sound is incredibly clear with a tight bass response, while the high end is very smooth and pleasing on the ears.

Meanwhile, the new Acoustic Space Controls do a great job of adapting this speaker to suit whatever room it is filling. Even though you shouldn’t jam speakers into a corner, the quarter setting makes it more acceptable for listeners that don’t have a choice.


Due to the compact size, exceptional build and adaptable output for different positioning, the Mackie HR624mk2 is excellent for small to medium-sized project studios. The improvements are small but very noticeable, and all add up to what feels like good value for the mid-range price.

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