Luna Safari Supreme – Loyal Travel Companion

4.5 out of 5 stars

Travel guitars are coming back in style. Modern production methods have made this type of acoustic guitar a pretty viable solution for enthusiasts as well as professionals. One of the brands which offer a great range of models in this category is Luna. Their Safari Supreme comes across as unusual but ultimately well-designed guitar perfect for beginners. We’ve included it in our top list of starter guitars, and today we are going to discuss what makes it worthy of that label.


Body & Neck

Travel guitars usually feature a scaled-down concert body shape. However, sometimes you will see a 3/4 dreadnought instead. That is exactly the case with Luna Safari Supreme. In terms of tonewood, Safari Supreme offers a solid Sitka spruce top combined with rosewood back and sides. The top comes with white binding and an eclipse themed rosette. Speaking of moon inspired details, the rosewood fretboard that sits on Safari Supreme’s mahogany neck, featuring inlays that depict different phases of the moon. While there are some pretty ingenious inlay designs out there, this one is very original.



When it comes to hardware, we have a rosewood bridge that sports a nice Graph Tech saddle made of Tusq. This same material is what they’ve used for the nut. In this price range, which is affordable, to say the least, the use of Tusq is anything but common. On the other end of the guitar, we find a set of sealed die-cast tuners. These are Luna’s own design. While pretty average, they simply work. Tuning retention might be an issue if you frequently push the hardware to its limits, however your key should remain true under normal use.


One of the biggest issues with travel guitars is the lack of lows. Their smaller body reduces the size of the lower bout, which impacts the bass end of the spectrum. One of the ways to fix that issue is to simply use the dreadnought design. While it doesn’t ultimately increase the lower bout, it does increase the overall volume of the sound box. Luna Safari Supreme is a great example of this design at work. Lows and mids are pretty generous, partially due to the body shape of the guitar, and partially due to the choice of materials. Trebles are nice and crisp, with a lot of definition.


What makes the Safari Supreme a great guitar and who is it meant for? Let’s put it this way. The combination of materials, its design and level of details make it a great guitar. Add to that a very low price and the fact that it’s compact, and you have more than enough reasons to look into this model. Those who need a cheap guitar that still offers some tonal qualities will benefit from Safari Supreme. Same goes for users of smaller stature and children. Luna may not be the most popular brand of acoustic guitar, but they have definitely delivered this time around.

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