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Luna Guitars Bass Ukulele Review ­- The Little Black Dress

4.7 out of 5 stars
Luna Guitars Bass Ukulele Review ­- The Little Black Dress

Luna was that weird stepchild in the ukulele family for a long time. They have pushed their way through the ranks to become one of the better brands in the business. Therefore it's not surprise that Luna Bass Ukulele is one of the better models you can find right now.


Body and Neck

Looking over this Luna, one might thing that they oversimplified the design. Especially ifyou are familiar with this brand and how they like to spice things up a little in this regard.However, there's still plenty of Luna details to be seen. With that said, lets start from the beginning. This ukulele bass features a solid spruce top that is paired with a koa back and sides. Finish is black, although the instrument features light binding around the top and the back. Moving on to the neck, we find more mahogany. They've used the standard rosewood fretboard that stretches 20.2 inches. Overall, this is one good looking bass ukulele. That much is obvious. The entire color scheme simply works and minor details such as the triangular inlays push the whole thing to the finish line. If you have a taste for all black ukes, you'll love this one.



Hardware wise, Luna went with what can be described as industry standard. In other words, we have a rather beefy rosewood bridge that was designed to take the brunt of heavy gauge string use. On the other end, there are four large die cast tuning machines. They are Luna made pieces but they definitely offer plenty of precision and retention. You won't have to worry too much about your uke bass dropping out of key. So far everything we have described fits into the industry standard. Add to that the built in preamp and the circle is complete. The model Luna went with is a fairly unusual one, though. Where most offer bass treble and volume controls, this one has swapped treble for presence. Additionally, there is no built in tuner. With that said, stuff that is available is good enough to dial in a decent tone.


Speaking of which, lets talk a bit about what this uke sounds like. If you have never played a bass ukulele before, chances are that any instrument of this type will sound different at the very least. Luna's model has plenty of girth, especially in the lower range. However, it is tight across the spectrum. Lows don't sound muddy and you get a good definition. Action is pretty decent straight out of the box. Much like with other bass ukes in this price range, you can always improve that if you really want to. The on board preamp works great. You get just the right amount of leeway when it comes to tone shaping, while the pickup is capable of rendering the unplugged tone with quite a bit of authenticity. All in all, Luna Bass Ukulele is easily one of the better sounding options in its price range.


Luna continues their tradition of delivering quirky but great sounding instruments. This bass uke model represents a good combination of good tone and functional features. At this price, you will hardly find something that is considerably better than Luna's Bass Ukulele. After all, value for the money is their trademark.

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