Luna Fauna Phoenix Acoustic Guitar – Another Unorthodox Model From Luna


Luna Guitars is one of the most distinctive instrument manufacturers out there, it would feel wrong to call them a “company”. Their goal is simple, yet a powerful driving force; to provide genuine comfort and playability in their guitars, while keeping quality and affordability at an optimal level.

If you were to ask me, I’d say they are succeeding pretty well at it. The Luna Fauna Phoenix is a unique, artistic piece of work. The inlaid phoenix in abalone looks phenomenal against the stunning black lacquer finish, exuding its triumphal spirit.

516106000000000-00-500x500Body & Neck

The guitar’s downsized jumbo cutaway body is made of a select spruce top with a crescent moon inlay in abalone surrounding the sound hole. The back and sides are made of mahogany with a beautiful black lacquer finish.

The rosewood fingerboard is attached to the mahogany neck – sporting a petite profile, emphasizing comfort and accessibility. The fingerboard is rigged with 20 frets, signature moonphase fret markers and a 1 5/8 inches wide nut. The instrument’s overall construction comes on a total scale of 25 ½ inches.



It’s not all about comfort in this lovely git, the hardware and electronics are on an admirable level, well capable of competing in its price range.

The instrument packs six matte nickel die cast tuners on its gorgeous headstock – stylishly finishing off the gitbox. The bridge slot packs a Luna rosewood system, maintaining flawless intonation and stability.


The Luna features an onboard preamp with an incorporated tuner. The preamp offers tonal modifications through four control bands: treble, bass, volume and presence, as well as a “tuner” push-knob.


The instrument’s sound output strives more openly towards mid and high ends, due to its sparkly, twangy nature. Turning up the bass helps in recreating some smooth low ends, however it is not naturally built for it. The onboard tuner is a generous addition, reshaping your sound as you see fitting at will.

The guitar’s playability perfectly exhibits the manufacturers’ attention to detail and level of expertise. You can play it out for hours on end without straying out of tune or experiencing discomfort. The action is set at an optimal level, all that’s left for you is to pick it up out of the box and play to your heart’s content.


The Luna Fauna is one of the coolest looking and playing guitars in on the market, it’s perfectly capable of rivaling the competition in its price bracket, and if you were to get it over a Fender you will not look back with regrets. In the end, it’s down to preference, however I would recommend this beauty to anyone without a moment’s hesitation.

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