Lucero LFN200SCE Review – Playability is the Name of the Game

As part of Lucero’s Flamenco series, the LFN200SCE is an intriguing guitar that combines beauty and performance, and is tailored to modern players coming to nylon from steel. It comes in at the lower end of our chart on the best classical guitars under $500, so there’s already a lot to get excited about. Let’s see what’s on offer…

Lucero LFN200SCE Body & Neck

Body & Neck

Make no mistakes about it, this is a beautiful guitar from Lucero, with a couple of design points that the modern player with love. Firstly, there’s the generous single-cutaway that allows good access to the highest frets (18 in total), while the neck features a slightly slimmer profile than more conventional classical guitars. While it may not please the traditionalists, this is a blessing for players coming over to nylon from steel-string acoustics and electric guitars, and we are big fans of this accessibility.

Made in Asia (as all Lucero guitars are), the body feels top quality, with a solid select spruce top paired with Indian rosewood on the back and sides. It’s all finished in a luxurious high gloss, with an attractive rosette and equally appealing multi-ply wood binding, resulting in a guitar that feels elegant and stage-worthy.

Lucero LFN200SCE Hardware


Aside from design, the prime reason this guitar is stage-worthy is thanks to its Fishman Clasica III Preamp. This quality preamp system features a 3-band EQ (bass, middle, and treble) with volume control and phase switch, along with a built-in digital tuner. The guitar is let down a little by its tuners – while they look attractive, with gold hardware and ebonite tuning keys, they have a habit of slipping out of tune now and again, especially when the strings are new.

It’s not too dramatic, and certainly no deal-breaker (otherwise we wouldn’t be recommending this beautiful guitar!), but it’s worth noting. Finally, the guitar has an Indian rosewood bridge and arrives strung with good-quality D’Addario ProArte strings.


Thanks to the combination of the solid spruce and rosewood in the body, the LFN200SCE is a real sweet-sounding guitar, and very well balanced. This tone is projected naturally and clearly through the Clasica III system, while the EQ allows for enough sound shaping – great for any style of music. In fact, this guitar is very versatile, and while it has flamenco at heart, it’s equally as adept at performing fingerstyle, folk or classical.


Stylish, playable and affordable – Lucero, consider us impressed! Aside from the slight tuning issues, this is a real solid choice and one that returns plenty of change from $500. For players who prefer a thinner neck and the speed of an electric guitar, the LFN200SCE ticks many boxes.

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  1. Hi,

    I just read your review of the Lucero LFN200SCE. Very nicely done. I was not familiar with this model and was happy to read a review that explained the instrument so well. Does the Lucero have a truss rod? How would you compare the Lucero to the Cordoba GK Studio?


  2. Hello. I have played many many guitars in the last 50 years and I find this particular model one of the best if not the best in that price range . The action in playability are second to none right out of the box. As far as the looks of the guitar I cannot find a single flaw to this beautiful exotically build guitar . I highly recommend this guitar to anyone that is into classic electric guitars

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