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Line 6 Spider V 240HC – Modeling Head That Brings Quite a Few Surprises

4.8 out of 5 stars

Line 6 is one of the most popular brands for modeling guitar amps and guitar effects processors at the moment. While they do make some top tier stuff, it's their affordable and mid-range offer that really put them on the map. From time to time, Line 6 will surprise us with some pretty unusual designs. One such amplifier is the Line 6 Spider V 240HC. It is one of the most versatile amp heads that you can grab for less than $500. Let's take a closer look and see what it has to offer.

Line 6 Spider V 240HC Control


The way Line 6 designed the control layout on the Spider V 240HC is quite interesting. They've basically made all of the knobs dual-purpose, thus simplifying the layout a lot. When in standard mode, you have your gain, three-band EQ and volume knobs lined up. What comes next is a set of buttons used to choose and control a variety of available presets. One of those buttons toggles the function of the knobs. On top of that, Line 6 has also included a display that makes navigating the preset library that much easier. Overall, getting used to these controls takes some time, but ultimately it becomes pretty intuitive. The system which they have applied here is much cleaner than what you usually see on amps like these.

Line 6 Spider V 240HC Feature


Line 6 Spider V 240HC is anything but an ordinary amp head. It's a solid state design with some 128 presets and over 200 various amps, effects, and cabs built into it. Then you have your tuner, various drum loops, and even a metronome. However, that is not the most interesting part. Spider V 240 is a head that comes with built-in speakers. That's right, you can use this as a standalone unit, or something to play your music on if you don't have any other speakers available. The power rating you are looking at here is some 240 Watts total. That is a lot of juice, which makes the Spider V a perfect choice for those who gig often in various size venues. Just hook up a 4×12 onto it and you are good to go.


All in all, the tone you get from this head is pretty impressive. Solid state amps that come with so many various presets and emulations are not usually that great at any particular thing. However, this thing sounds pretty decent. They've specifically designed the presets to emulate rigs of famous guitar players and popular albums. The level of accuracy with which they've done this is pretty astounding. Some of the presets sound just like the setup they were inspired by. Same could be said about the effects this thing comes with. Some sound too digital, but most of them are fine. You won't get analog boutique quality, and no one really expects that. The stuff you do get is more than good enough for serious application on stage.


It isn't often that you see amps like Line 6's Spider V 240HC. Its speakers and numerous presets might make it too tacky for some users, however those 240 Watts of pure solid state power are very much real. Those who are looking for an abundance of power at a more than reasonable price will definitely appreciate the output and flexibility of this incredible head.

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    I have3 a spider V240 amp and it just like the 240 amp head is great for giging one down fall is the lack of 1/4″ outputs on the 240 amp the stereo midi output is great im sure but I dont have a sound board so they arent much use to the average user and the lack of a effects loop is a disadvantage aswell .If I would have to make a choice again I would have got the Spider V 240 amp head and 4-12 cab for a compairable price it gives the player more options

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