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Line 6 DL4 Stompbox Delay Modeler – Ultimate Time Control Box

4.8 out of 5 stars

If you are looking for one of the top high-end delay pedals on the market, we recommend adding the DL4 from Line 6 to your list of considerations.

Loaded with the biggest array of controls we have seen on a delay pedal, this stompbox really has it all, offering nothing but the finest sonic attack and enough versatility to last you a lifetime. Let's see what this guy is all about, shall we?


This green monster features a lot of controls. When Line 6 guys said you can get ant delay sound you can imagine with this thing, they weren't joking. The device utilizes a set of three programmable presets, along with a built-in tap tempo feature, true bypass switching, an expression pedal input, and a discrete stereo system, which means that left will be left, and right will be right.

Also included in the mix is an on-board looper effect, something that is a staple mark of many pedals these days, but also something that was in many ways pioneered by Line 6 with this very pedal upon the initial 1999 release. The device can be powered with batteries or through an optional power adapter.

Line 6 DL4 Stompbox Delay Modeler-2


There's so many controls here that it might become confusing. Actually, the controls are a bit confusing to be fair, but mastering them the way the manufacturer envisioned them can be very rewarding.

So apart from the usual stuff, the two knobs that tend to give users a headache are Tweak and Tweez. Essentially, Tweak is modulation speed and right delay time, while Tweez is used to set up modulation depth and right delay repeats.

The rest of the knobs remains more standard, featuring Mix control, Delay Time, Repeats, and Delay Type selection. The pedal comes with a sticker explaining Tweak and Tweez in more detail, and the instruction manual also comes in very handy, hence we thoroughly recommend buying a new pedal if this fella happens to be your favorite.


Needless to say, this pedal is not for newbies. Although the sonic versatility is through the roof and getting a versatile item isn't a bad choice for a beginner, the DL4 can cause a bit of an overload.

But after we skip that initial hurdle, we can say that this thing sounds great! Regardless of the tonal settings you dial in, you are in for a very good sound in the majority of cases, and when you utilize all the control possibilities, you're in for one mastodon of a sound! It's a high-end item, but the price is fair nevertheless.


In a nutshell, this pedal is a beast! One of the first things to consider is – and be honest here – do you need a top-level delay pedal like this and are you using delay as an important ingredient of your guitar sound (or planning to do so)? If the answer is yes, and if the listed price suits you, then proceed to enter the realm of high quality as early as today!

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