La Patrie Motif – Canadian Work of Art

La Patrie as well as Godin, it’s master company, has been making shock waves in the market for a while now. The reason why is the fact that both of these brands offer high quality, handmade acoustic guitars in a price range where such quality is almost unheard of. Out of La Patrie’s current collection, Motif is one model which really strikes as the epitome of what this brand stands for. We are talking about a classical guitar which sounds as good as those twice its price, if not more. At the moment, it’s definitely among the top 5 classical guitars you can get under $500. For more suggestions in this price range, check out our recommendations.


Body And Neck

Just like many other classical guitars, La Patrie Motif features a standard concert body shape. La Patrie went with a combination of tonewood which they are known for by now. This means a pressure tested solid cedar top paired with a wild cherry back and sides. The neck is a mahogany piece which sports a standard rosewood fretboard. Closer inspection of the fit and finish reveals the skill level of La Patrie luthiers. Even an affordable guitar such as this one comes out the shop looking very professional. There’s white binding all around the top, and the detailing around the sound hole is simple but beautiful.



Unlike a lot of other classical acoustic guitars in its price range, Motif features a robust set of hardware. The bridge is a standard rosewood unit, which is nothing out of the ordinary even for models twice the price. However, the saddle and nut are made of Tusq. This material is a perfect substitute for bone and is slowly becoming the standard across the industry. Tuners are more or less standard, but high-quality machines. Combined, the hardware found on Motif offers as good of a performance as you can wish for. Especially for a classical guitar that is still within the affordable range.


While the are among the few brands out there who use pressure tested cedar, La Patrie definitely knows what they’re doing. The tone of this guitar is just impressive. You get a great balance across the range, with accentuated trebles and wholesome lows. The tone is generally mellow but clear, with a whole lot of projection and volume available at any moment. Fingerpicking just comes naturally on Motif. Even the subtle details in your technique are rendered clearly and precisely.


Motif by La Patrie is by far one of the best acoustic instruments you can get right now. The type of quality and craftsmanship you get for the money is something you will have a hard time finding elsewhere. Motif looks great, sounds even better and gives you that durability only a handmade guitar can. This model is recommended to both performing professionals, as well as beginners looking for a good quality first instrument.

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