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Kremona Soloist S65C Classical Guitar – Classical Guitar With a Century Old Heritage

4.7 out of 5 stars


Kremona is a European (Bulgaria) based and established guitar manufacturer with a tradition lasting over 100 years. They have asserted a strong footing on the global market ever since their foundation. The company is well-known for their expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, making their guitars a feasible pick for students and experts alike.

The brand’s Sofia (S) Series is entirely handcrafted, showcasing their care and efforts behind the creation process of each guitar individually. The S65C Soloist is a prime example of this, a nylon stringed wonder – packing qualities which make the instrument a steal for the money.

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Body & Neck

The guitar features a full sized classical shape, if you’re looking for its smaller (3/4) equivalent you may want to consider the S62C Soloist. Back on point, the S65C’s body is made of a solid western cedar top and sapele back and sides with an eye-catching natural finish.

The sapele adds an attractive golden-like glow to its sides and back that flawlessly matches its cedar top. The D-shaped mahogany neck is dovetail joint, accommodating the rosewood fingerboard armed with 19 frets and a 2.04 inches wide nut. All of this comes on a scale of 25.5 inches.


The hardware does an excellent job at keeping the guitar’s intonation in check. Staying in tune with superb precision with an action preset at an optimal level results in a tremendous playing experience. No complaints in this department whatsoever. The guitar is completed at the top by its rosewood overlaid headstock, which comes equipped with six gold tuners. The bridge is, likewise, a rosewood system.


The sound coming out through its nylon strings is what makes this classical beauty truly stand out and rise above the competition. Upon taking your first swing at its strings, you will instantly feel the phenomenal sound projection enhanced by the body’s resonant vibe.

The sounds are fully accomplished, which can be best described as rich and warm, backed up with authenticity you wouldn’t expect from a 500$ gitbox. The neck sports smooth comfort and easy accessibility, it has a slight relief which allows for excellent playability, nullifying any fret buzz.


The S65C is an avid performer in a closed setting, as well as on stage, it’s bright and enchanting tones fill up its surroundings, drawing the attention of anyone in close proximity. A quality piece of work which far surpasses its price, this guitar is truly worth every penny, regardless if you’re a student or a master.

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