JHS Moonshine Overdrive Pedal – When Basics Prove To Be The Perfect Answer

JHS pedals is a relatively new company based in the USA, which is specifically focused on crafting guitar pedals. Ever since their foundation in 2007, they have quickly broken through on the competitive market, both in the USA and globally, by carefully producing hand-made effects and unique pedals that stick out in a market with heavy saturation. We’re going to be reviewing the attractive Moonshine Overdrive Pedal by JHS.


This handmade “stomp-box” distinguishes itself from the competition with its unique overdrive, capable of producing thrilling non-transparent Tube Screamer sound. The pedal provides strong tonal integrity and much welcomed versatility. It’s put together in a modernized small case, wrapped up with an attractive color tone. The Moonshine can run on 18 volts, therefore it is capable of increasing the size of your tonal output by a large margin, which can be further modified by its control knobs situated at the top.



The pedal’s control knobs are intuitive to use, they blend in smoothly with the chassis and they are easy to configure. The offered options of control are Volume, Tone and Drive, providing you comfort in your tweaking needs. You’ll also find a two-sided “Proof” toggle, which provides heavy adjustment, turn it down and you’ll get more concentrated and sustainable tone.

Turn it up and push your amp to its boundaries, outputting firm crunchy tones and higher volume making more headroom if you’re looking for a smoother application. Tweak to your liking, and you will produce high quality sound no matter what.


This pedal is remarkably crafted in great detail. It gives you the ability to accomplish any overdrive tone you like. It follows the signal of your guitar perfectly and adjusts its attitude, it’s highly sensitive to touch, compact and your pedal board’s best friend when it comes to size. It will provide you with an authentic Screamer Tube tone, unlike your standard imitations found on other boxes.

It shows JHS really puts in the maximum effort and time in carefully designing their products. Built by the user, for the user. This “stomp-box” can also work fantastically well with keyboards and bass as well.


If you’re looking for a killer overdrive, this pedal will satisfy your needs with its high quality smooth output, at a very reasonable price. It’s definitely worth every penny and it can work as a single pedal or in a multi-pedal combination setting, whichever you prefer. The Moonshine can definitely become an integral part of your selection.

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