Video: Buying Your First Electric Guitar – A Beginner’s Guide

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Going after your first electric guitar is a simple process once you are familiar with all of the basics. We've made this video for the complete beginners who always had a crush on Jimmy Page but never got into more detailed stuff.

Jared will introduce you to everything you need to know before you go in the guitar shop asking for a good six string instrument. This video will show you the anatomy of the electric guitar, the difference between a solid body, a hollow body and a semi-hollow body. You will understand why tonewoods matter. You will finally understand what separated a single coil pickup from the “humbuckers”. In brief, all the geeky basics that every guitar player should know.

Once you are finished with the video visit our dedicated page for the top recommended beginner electric guitars. You will find evern more tips there and a few good recommendations that will help you in saving time and money, especially if you are not sure with what instrument to start.

If you prefer the short route here are the reviews of some recommended models:

1. The Epiphone SG Special
2. The Schecter Hellraiser
3. The Epiphone Les Paul Custom
4. The ESP LTD EC-1000
5. The Epiphone Special II

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