3 Tips for Improving Your Technique

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Technique is a huge part of being a musician. Any great musician will tell you that they didn't get there by being born with their talents. Sure, some people have a genetic edge in the musical field, but they still need to work incredibly hard to get where they are. To become great, you need to practice, and work on your technique. As with any skill, technique is of utmost importance. In this post we're going to give out a few tips you can use to improve your technique as not only a guitarist, but as a musician. By following these tips, and working on your technique, chances are, you're going to become a better player, and you'll become better at a quicker pace!


The first thing we'd suggest working on is your fingering. Work on going between chords. Utilize all chords, not just the main ones. When starting, work on going between C, G, and A minor. After you've progressed, work on going through other chords. Eventually, you should be able to play any progression of major and minor chords incredibly easy. By being able to do this, you're going to be able to play any song you want, jam with anyone, and sing along and play with any song. You'll always know one step ahead where your hands are going to go. This will take months of practice if you're dedicated, but it's well worth it.


Scales are an integral part of learning any instrument. You need to learn where each note is on the guitar. The note progression on guitar is just like that of any other instrument. The strings are high E, B, G, D, A, and low E. By using these, you can see what each note is. By plucking each string individually, they're going to play the notes listed above. By adding in each fret, the note will be raised by the usual scale degree (for example, an E will go to an F, an F will go to F#, and so on).

Practice Hard Music:

If you want to master technique, try learning some really difficult songs. They might take you a few weeks to learn, but by doing them, you're going to pick up some hard chords, some hard solos, and more. This is true for any instrument, not just guitar. If you work on hard songs, you're going to become a better player, and not just at that song. You'll improve all around if you challenge yourself!

These three tips are the main ways you'll work to improve your technique on guitar. For other instruments, the same tips should be followed. If you get basic fingerings down, along with scales, learning the hard music is going to be a lot easier as well. Just remember to challenge yourself! Learning guitar can be boring at times. Take on some harder pieces along with easier ones to really diversify your skill set, and have something to impress people at parties!

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  1. Bobby says

    I would also add: make videos of yourself practicing/playing every now and then. This is pretty easy now that everyone owns smartphones. I thought I had pretty good technique, but once I started watching videos of my practice, I spotted all kinds of things I could improve.

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