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Ibanez SR800 Bass Guitar Review – Functional Piece Of Art

4.9 out of 5 stars

Ibanez makes good bass guitars – that's a statement that was true today and will continue to be true tomorrow. However, most of their popular models belong in the entry level segment of the market. Once you start climbing up into higher categories of bass guitars, you will find out exactly what Ibanez is actually capable of. Case in point – Ibanez SR800.

This bass guitar brings a very impressive performance in a package that is pretty unique. Combination of exotic tonewood, electronics and design make it relatively rare. This unique nature earned it a place on our list of top choices for the $1000 range.

Ibanez SR800 Bass Guitar Body

Body & Neck

When it comes to the body of the SR800, the shape is more or less standard Ibanez design. However, that's where all similarities end. Tonewood of choice is mahogany that is fitted with a layer of poplar burl. Finish comes in form of Black Ice Flat or Aged Whiskey Burst Flat, and it's hard to determine which one looks better. The neck of the SR800 is a five piece Jatoba/Bubinga design which sports a standard rosewood fretboard and 24 medium frets. The neck is very smooth and easy to play.


In terms of hardware, we are looking at an Accu-cast B300 bridge and a set of pretty quality tuning machines. The bridge is a variation of a standard vintage style unit, but it implements some new solutions which do increase the sustain of this bass guitar. All of the hardware bar the knob caps comes in gold. With that said, you can expect your intonation and tuning to stay true under normal use.


When we start looking at electronics, that's where things get interesting. Ibanez SR800 comes with two Bartolini MK1 passive pups which are wired to an Ibanez Custom Electronics three band EQ. This combination gives you a lot of range to work with, while still retaining optimal expression capabilities. On top of that, you also get a three way mid frequency selector knob, which allows you to choose between 250Hz, 450Hz and 700Hz settings.

Ibanez SR800 Bass Guitar Headstock


The tone of Ibanez SR800 can only be described as HD bass goodness. There is so much definition, sustain, and overall clarity in the tone of this beast. It's super appropriate for slapping, but it kills it when you need to hit the lower end of the frequency range as well. The whole package feels like it was made for jazz or progressive rock. With that said, you can absolutely put this axe into some metal work and make it sound appropriate. Especially if you cut out the low end response.


Ibanez SR series have been providing bass players with reliable, quality sound for several decades now. The SR800 has only continued that tradition with the same level of consistency. For such a unique and exotic bass, the tone it offers makes it a perfect general purpose guitar. However, make no mistake. This bass is more than suitable for any kind of serious stage use that you might have to deal with, not to mention gigging or just studio use.

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  1. DBlankenship says

    I totally agree with everything you posted! I have a mint late 80’s SR800 that I plan to give to one of my grand daughters (whichever one takes up the bass). It is absolutely pristine without a single scratch! Sometimes I take it out for a drive! One of a kind in its condition! And you can literally do anything you want to with this thing!

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