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Ibanez SR405EQM Bass Guitar Review – Exceeding The Expectations

4.9 out of 5 stars

Ibanez is a brand that holds massive authority in the world of bass guitars. They might not be considered elite by some, but no one can dispute the fact that Ibanez alone provides some of the best models in all segments of the market. Just how much value they offer on average can be see using Ibanez SR405EQM. This bass looks like something that costs twice as much, and sounds pretty excellent as well. In simple terms, It's a mighty bass guitar with a rather neutral character, which makes it perfect for a variety of applications. Versatility plus style is exactly why this bass belongs on our shortlist of top choices in the 5 string segment of the market.

Ibanez SR405EQM Bass Guitar Body

Body & Neck

The body shape is of Ibanez SR405EQM is a design that has been around for a long time in one form or another. It's a platform that most of SR models share. Tonewood of choice came down to mahogany that is complimented by a quilted maple top. Finish on these basses is pure perfection. Aesthetically, Ibanez SR405EQM is among the best looking bass guitars, period. Neck is an SR5 five piece maple and rosewood piece that comes with a rosewood fretboard. When it comes to build quality and construction, this Ibanez up there with the best.


Hardware is another segment where Ibanez SR405EQM excels. The bridge is an Accu Cast B305 unit that features a set of fully adjustable saddles. Compared to your standard vintage bridge, this one isn't too different but it handles sustain a lot better. Tuning machines are quality made standard units which work more than well under normal conditions. That low B string is not putting the bridge under loads it can't sustain, so don't worry about going too hard on this guitar.


Ibanez SR405EQM comes packing a set of PowerSpan dual coil pickups – one at the bridge and one at the neck position. These are wired to a complex circuitry that includes a three band EQ and something called a Power Tap switch. This switch allows you to choose between two types of tap options and a standard series setting. With all of its controls combined, you have a lot of maneuvering space in terms of tone shaping.

Ibanez SR405EQM Bass Guitar Headstock


Sound of the Ibanez SR405EQM punches above its price range. The range those humbuckers have allows you to dial in whatever type of tone you like. Especially if you start messing with the EQ more closely, or if you play around with the Power Tap feature. For a guitar that is still considered to affordable, Ibanez SR405EQM brings on the thunder with style.


Ibanez SR405EQM is right in the middle of the bass guitar market, and has been defending its placement easily, year after year. Anyone who wanted to get a great bass guitar with advanced features, more complex design and a capability to deliver awesome performance on the demand, has found all of these things in SR series before. Ibanez SR405EQM continues that legacy and keeps delivering consistency. Whether you're a beginner with a more relaxed budget, or professional looking for a decent backup, Ibanez SR405EQM will get the job done. It is simply that good.

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  1. Bob says

    I love this bass!! Great sound, lots of versatility, stunning looks. I’ve been playing a 61 Fender P bass that I bought brand new and it’s getting to valuable to play in saloons. So…….I bought this one. I personally don’t have much use for a low B string so I bought a 6 string bass set, pitched the B string and strung it up E A D G C. You can play 2 octaves across the neck without having to go way up the neck. But, I digress. It’s a perfect utility bass especially if you play taverns, saloons, and clubs like I do. It sounds and plays great and the price is reasonable. Good working mans’s bass.

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