Ibanez IJV50 – Proven Quality Starter Kit

What we have on our hands here is a fantastic Ibanez jam pack for right under 150$. Yes you read it right, I needed some reassurance as well. This acoustic kit hasn’t earned its praise purely on the brand name alone, although I can’t say I don’t like the Ibanez logo on the headstock that attracts charm and envy everywhere you go, it’s actually a guilty pleasure.

Getting back to my point, the components making up this acoustic guitar speak the full truth here. This carefully conceived instrument features a superb, sturdy design and tone quality unlikely to be matched in its price range.


Body & Neck

The IJV50 sports a dreadnought body shape enhanced by six steel strings passing through. That’s a winning combination in my book, permissive of extremely bright, full tones with each swing of its strings, resulting in instantaneous sound impact by exuding dominance and attracting attention. The git has a spruce top containing a black pick guard, and a gorgeous natural finish.

The back and sides are made of agatha wood. You will find special comfort in its mahagony neck, which is glued on allowing for supreme stability. The classic rosewood fingerboard is equipped with 20 frets and white dot inlays as well as an Ivorex 2 nut, the designers have shied away from the ordinary plastic ones. The size of the fingerboard is 18 inches, and overall the guitar is 41 inches long, nothing out of the ordinary.



The guitar’s hardware is comprised of the rosewood bridge – sitting atop an Ivorex 2 saddle, and the classy Ibanez headstock finishing the instrument at the top, equipped with six chrome tuners.


This acoustic jewel is ready for play right out of the box, some might find the action a bit high but it’s a negligible issue, if you’re buying a dreadnought guitar it’s a logical assumption that you can handle it. The instrument delivers a fully accomplished sound with lush resonance and minimal fret buzz. It is a perfect fit for classic rock, pop and country, emulating your favorite tunes with ease.

If you’d like to push it to the next level, or you’re just not satisfied with the stock strings, you can opt in and buy some Martin Phosphor Bronze Light strings that fit this baby perfectly and suddenly you’ll feel like you have a much costlier fiddle in your hands.


If you would like a straight up answer from me, I’d advise you to just go and buy this piece of work right now. The guitar is amazing for beginners, and it also comes in a package with a gig bag, strap and a wide selection of picks. Buy it for yourself or wrap it up as a gift, the enjoyment of the lucky person will last him years.

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