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Ibanez IJRG220Z Jumpstart Package Review – Great Looking Combo Pack

4.6 out of 5 stars
Ibanez IJRG220Z Jumpstart Package Review – Great Looking Combo Pack
Amp:4.3 out of 5 stars
Extras:4.6 out of 5 stars
Guitar:4.6 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars

Ibanez is a name synonymous with fast rock, punk and metal – a brand with real attitude. However, for the beginner who doesn't want to splash $4,000 on a Steve Vai Signature Jem, this affordable Ibanez Jumpstart Package – with an RG guitar, matching amp, and Ibanez accessories – is certain to appeal.

The Guitar

This quality guitar package comes with a classic Ibanez Gio RG guitar that is a staple in the Japanese company’s catalog – with its well-defined and comfortable Superstrat body and a full-sized 25.5” scale length. The body is made from solid poplar, while the bolt-on neck is crafted from maple, holding a rosewood fretboard and 24 frets (with white dot fret markers – sadly no shark-tooth inlays this time). Finished in glossy black, this is a simple but good-looking rock guitar!

The pickup configuration is also tailored towards rock and metal, with two Ibanez-designed Infinity humbuckers at the bridge and neck positions, which are excellent for picking up fast powerchords, overdriven riffs, and lead licks. These are tended to by master tone and master volume chrome-finished control knobs, while a three-way pickup selector switch gives you the power to choose between the humbuckers.

Holding your strings in place is a chrome-finished synchronized tremolo bridge with an included whammy bar, allowing you to supercharge your solos with a little vibrato, although be wary that this can affect the tuning stability.

The Amp and Extras

As the Jumpstart box boasts, the pack contains ‘Everything you need to get out and gig!’. So what else does it include?

P_06LPSpecII-EBPP-df1801a4828ca7b8b9603e940919f6deOur attention heads straight to the 10-watt Ibanez IBZ1G amplifier. This is a good-looking amp, if a little small. Still, the 10 watts gives you enough power for practice and jamming, although you would want to look towards upgrading for gigging. The amp controls are simple, and feature just volume, treble, and bass knobs – not the most versatile of controls, but enough to give you some variation in sound. There’s also a headphone jack, which will allow you to practice in silence, which is vital for late night sessions!

Elsewhere, the Jumpstart pack contains a gig bag, plectrums, a cable, a guitar strap, and a handy accessories pouch. These are all Ibanez-branded and look better than some of the extras you may find in other sets of a similar price. The electronic tuner is also an essential addition, allowing you to get your new axe in tune.


Make no mistakes – this a good-looking package from Ibanez. The RG guitar plays the starring role and is well supported by the amp and accessories. While the volume and distorted tones on the amp leave a little to be desired, beginners who want to learn to rock would find great use from this good quality, affordable combo pack.

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