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Ibanez GA6CE Acoustic Electric – When Performance Really Matters

4.6 out of 5 stars


The 6CE takes part of Ibanez’s GA series. This is not your ordinary classical guitar. It is an instrument meant for players who want to indulge themselves by a diverse experience involving both acoustic and electric sound elements. If you consider yourself as such, then I encourage you to read on.

The manufacturers have done a marvelous job in crafting this compact beauty. It packs so much in so little, I was genuinely surprised by its price. It’s an excellent fit for both beginners and intermediates with experience behind their back. If you haven’t handled an instrument of this type before, don’t be intimidated by its description. The guitar’s playing experience is fun and enjoyable, assuredly anything but complicated.

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Body & Neck

The instrument’s single cutaway slender body enables easy access to upper tone registers. The body is made of a spruce top and mahogany back and sides. An impressive mixture allowing for excellent tonal projection.

The mahogany neck accommodates its rosewood fingerboard, which comes equipped with 19 frets. The nut is 2 inches wide, which is pretty standard for a classical gitbox due to its neck width.


The instrument’s gold hardware is comprised of six classical tuning machines situated atop its classy headstock, and a rosewood bridge system. The hardware allows for intonation with striking precision, and a magnificent level of sustain.617-U45oTVL._SL1200_


The instrument is rigged with an internal Piezo pickup system, which adds new dimensions to your sound. The guitar also packs an onboard EQ system which allows for a wide range of tuning of your: sound shape, bass, treble and middle.


The instrument’s sound output make it a fantastic pickup if you’re a beginner or an experienced aficionado looking to expand his collection. The action is at an optimal level, minimizing fret buzz.

The sound coming of this little marvel box upholds all the values of a true classical guitar, making it an excellent selection for adding unmatched flavor to your style. Take its base sound quality, and fuse it with its pickup system and onboard EQ, and you will achieve new and previously unexplored dimensions to your sound.


Placing so many hi-quality components in such a small package is an impressive feat on its own, assuredly. However, slapping a price tag such as the one it carries is what impressed me the most. The GA6CE is hands down one of the most valuable gits on the market.

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