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Ibanez Chorus Mini Review – Tiny But Powerful Piece Of Kit

4.7 out of 5 stars

Ibanez may not be the go to brand for guitar pedals, but they are certainly capable of making some good effects. Speaking of which, Ibanez Chorus Mini is easily one of the most practical pedals you can get for an acoustic guitar. It is small, powerful and just works well.



The first thing most users notice about Ibanez Chorus Mini is its size. This pedal is almost half the width of your regular stomp box. There are several implications of using this design. For one, you are looking at a very compact pedal that is easily mounted on even the smallest pedalboards, and is easy to transport. The other implication has to do with build quality. Ibanez has used a die cast chassis for this model, which makes it capable of withstanding any kind of abuse you are can dish out. In terms of aesthetics, Ibanez Chorus Mini is fairly simple. They have used a single color finish with simple black labels. In all honesty, it is not much to look at, but then again you don't buy chorus pedals to admire their aesthetics. All you really need to know is that Chorus Mini is compact and durable.



As you can imagine, the controls for such a simple pedal are also simple as well. With that said, a standard chorus pedal isn't that complicated to begin with. Ibanez went with a Level, Depth and Speed configuration, which is what constitutes a basic chorus effect. Inputs and outputs are on the side of the pedal, while DC power is supplied at the back. One cool thing about this Ibanez pedal is that Depth and Level knobs are smaller while the Speed knob is dominating the entire top. Chorus Mini comes with a true bypass switch, meaning that it is completely transparent when you turn it off. Generally speaking, this pedal is so convenient in pretty much all aspects that matter. It is small, easy to adjust on the fly, and works silently. If you are looking for something that is basic but efficient, look no more.


When it comes to performance, Ibanez Chorus Mini sounds almost exactly like their old CS9 series. It has that analog signature which so many people love, all while maintaining a small footprint. Raw sound is pretty subtle. You can make it easily noticeable if you want to, but this chorus was meant to be smooth. It perfectly aligns with the sound of '80s. Conveniently enough, when you put it to work with an acoustic guitar, the results are near perfect. That shy nature flows great with soft acoustic guitar sound, giving you a more organic result. Sure, it is not a modern digital masterpiece with a ton of features. However, that is probably its best selling point. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal taste, but chances are you will love the way this thing fills up your tone.


What Ibanez has done with their Chorus Mini is near perfect. They've manage to pack that recognizable CS9 tone into a micro chassis. The all analog circuitry gives this pedal a very organic signature that adds a whole new dimension to an acoustic sound. It is an awesome little chorus.

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