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Hotone SP-10 Soul Press – Precision With a Pinch Of Chaos

4.7 out of 5 stars
Hotone SP-10 Soul Press – Precision With a Pinch Of Chaos
Controls:4.3 out of 5 stars
Features:4.8 out of 5 stars
Performance:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars

With so many pedals available on today's market, practicality, compact size and multi-functionality became essential features for many players. After all, you can only pack so many pedals in your pedal-board, yet the number of cool effects just seems to be growing and growing!

If you're facing that problem, you're gonna love the SP 10 Soul Press, a high-quality pedal from Hotone that combines two of the chunkiest pedals of every player's arsenal – wah-wah and volume/expression pedal. Let's see what this guy is all about then!


Alright, we'll say it – the first thing that stands out with this fella is that sexy red color! We shouldn't focus on the appearance too much, but that simply had to be said. With that out of the way, let us focus on the other, more practical aspects.

First of all, there pretty much zero plastic here; the device is all metal, solid as a rock and very unlikely to break. The device operates as a true bypass pedal, featuring inner circuitry and general sound based on Dunlop's iconic Crybaby pedal, the one Mr. Jimi Hendrix used.

The item runs on 9V battery or via standard adapter. It weighs in at 8.8 ounces and features a total size of 2.9 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches. This is a mono pedal with one input and one output.

Hotone SP-10 Soul Press


Not much control here actually, which is something some players praise and others bash. There's a large on/off button, a single three-way Mode switch to choose between Volume, Expression and Wah modes, as well as an adjustable control range for the bottom value.

When it comes to those modes of operation, we believe they are quite self-explanatory – the Wah regime turns on the wah pedal, Volume switches to volume pedal and affects the total power of your output signal only, while Expression regime is used in combination with other effects and allows you to control their level via external pedal control.


Both expression and volume functions operate very nicely thanks to the included active volume mode that secures a lossless tone, but let's focus on the wah function now and see how well the manufacturer replicated the iconic pedal.

Well, they done an alright job, especially if you're a rocker! Essentially, the pedal is more gain- and distortion-driven than the classic Crybaby, which is just fine for leads in style of Jimi Hendrix and the rest of the gang. When in rock more, this guy truly rocks and stands on par with the iconic Dunlop model with half the price.

However, the gain vibe isn't all that great for players who prefer their sound clean and drive-free. Still a good deal for the price, but nowhere near the classic stuff.


Overall, we are pleased with this pedal and give it a thumbs up! Don't forget that this is a 3-in-1 type of deal, and seeing that each of the functions works like a charm, we can't say anything else but highly recommended! If you're looking for a budget deal and a pedal to make your pedal-board more concise, light and effective, give the SP 10 Soul Press a trial, it just might be the thing for you.

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