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Guild F­2512E Review ­- Tradition On A Budget

4.6 out of 5 stars
Guild F­2512E Review ­- Tradition On A Budget

Guild is definitely one of the more reputable brands out there. However, it is their lower to mid range segment that's really captivating. Guild F­2512E is one of the most capable12 strings guitar you can find in this price range, and today we're going to take a closer look.


Body and Neck

That saying ‘don't fix it if it ain't broken' comes to mind when looking at this particular Guild. They have chosen what is probably the most traditional configuration of materials as well as patterns, and it works. Guild F­2512E features a solid sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides and a classic jumbo body shape. Everything about this guitar screams vintage. From its poly finish to its rather awesome abalone pick guard. Is it a good looking guitar? You can bet it is. However, it is rarely about looks. What we wanted to know is whether or not F­2512E was build up to the standards we associate with Guild.Fortunately for us, the answer is a strong yes. This thing is fine tuned right out of the box and features great quality control wherever you look. It is a decent choice for performing artists who like the traditional approach.



In terms of hardware, Guild went with a robust rosewood bridge that inspires confidence as the base of the entire setup. The bridge is also where we find one of the first pleasant surprises in this particular category. While most other brands use some sort of high quality or not so high quality synthetics for the nut and saddle, Guild went with bone. If you are a fan of old school materials and believe that even the smallest component plays a role in the sound and performance of the guitar, Guild has your back. Tuning machines are standard die cast units with great tracking and a decent amount of precision in the gearing. Guild has also included a built in preamp set on F­212E, which belongs to their AP­1 series. It is an active setup that utilizes a Fishman piezo pickup. Overall, the hardware is pretty robust


Sound this guitar delivers is by far the best thing about it. That mahogany shell combined with a quality solid piece of sitka spruce on top ensures definition, but also tight response. In practical terms the result is a full spectrum of tones and overtones all of which work in perfect harmony. Naturally, there is that trademark 12 string warmth and you get plenty of it. When you start using the built in preamp, not much changes. Tone quality and color remain mostly the same, with very little offset. In fact, it is an insignificant amount. With some tone shaping, you can really nail down a good tone. Since we were looking at this guitar as something performing artists might want to use, we were pleased to learn that it performs great under pressure. You can really push it and it won't fight back one bit.


Guild once again delivers a great affordable model that is up to the task of modern live performance. We definitely liked the traditional aesthetics. However, if you are looking for something that will offer consistency and reliability on a budget, Guild F­2512E more than worth some time of your day.

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  1. Joe Kokernak says

    Just bought one from a friend. Basically brand new. Sweet sounding 12 string. perfect tone. Deep and rich!

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