Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top – Revamping Of a Very Special Model


Gretsch was founded nearly 130 years ago. Staying competitive for such a long time in spite of the ever evolving and rising competition is a highly admirable fact. They rose to fame in the early 40’s, and their instruments were a preferred choice for maestros such as Chet Atkins, Lou Reed, The Animals… and many more.

Why am I saying all of this? In today’s modern market, Gretsch still remain true to their vintage guitar style, both in sound and aesthetics. The G9500 continues this tradition, and despite the fact that this guitar is marked as an affordable beginner instrument, it has a charm to it that make it desirable for seasoned veterans as well. If you’re a fan of classic tones reminiscing of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s era, then you might be interested in what I’m about to present.


Body & Neck

The guitar’s body construction mimics the famous “Gretsch Rex” parlor design with a beautiful vintage sunburst color scheme. The parlor body is made of agathis, supported by an X-bracing structure, making it a splendid pick packing a stunning midrange vibe and authentic jazz and blues emulations. The C-shaped neck is made of rosette packing a double-action truss rod, supporting the rosewood fingerboard equipped with 18 frets and white dot inlays.



I don’t like the headstocks on most cheap guitars, but the G9500 has won me over here. It matches the rest of the construction, finish off the guitar in style. The headstock is rigged with six open-back tuning machines. The bridge supporting the six steel strings is made of rosewood.


The G9500 gives you a journey down memory lane, going back in the sweet classic rock and blues era. It is the time and place which made the brand name famous, remaining favorable to this day. This acoustic gem sports comfort at its finest due to its body style, and the neck construction allows easy fret access everywhere along the fingerboard.

However, don’t let its relatively small size fool you, the guitar packs a mighty punch in terms of volume thanks to its ingenious fret design. When looking at its raw sound output, the agathis body is responsible for delivering a resonant, warm and lush sound, which sparks a mahagony impression to it.


If you want a distinctive acoustic fiddle without making a dent in your wallet, go with the G9500. If your taste strives towards today’s latest and modern music you might want to consider a different git that suits your needs. This instrument is a superb choice for players in love with classic masterpieces, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you want a unique addition in your sound palette. If you set your expectations properly, you will amazed beyond comprehension.

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