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Godin LGXT – Canadian Jazz Machine

4.8 out of 5 stars

Whenever we are asked “What is the best solid-body electric guitar for jazz?”, we are often tempted to give a bit of an odd answer for some folks, and instead of singling out a Gibson or a PRS or a Fender, we reply with “Godin, the LGXT model.”

The reason behind such a decision is the fact that this is one killer guitar, with an amazing sound, amazing looks and more than a fair price. We had the privilege of playing it, check out our thoughts in the full Godin guitar review below.


Body & Neck

Made in North America, the first thing that stands out about this guitar is of course its staggering beauty and super smooth finish, but that's just the very beginning of the journey. The neck, crafted from Honduras mahogany, offers incredible comfort, matching the instrument's light weight and high efficiency.

Also included in the mix is a premium ebony fingerboard with 22 frets and white dot markers. The piece gives an incredibly smooth feel and binds your fingers and its strings into a firmly fixed, yet highly flexible unity. Zero remarks here.


We are looking at elegant black hardware, a double-action truss rod for accurate neck adjustments, and a Tune-O-Matic bridge with a tremolo bar that rarely goes out of tune, making the guitar suited for heavier and more rock-driven styles with tremolo-abusing tricks such as dive bombs.

The tuning pegs are top notch and keep the guitar in proper shape, while the addition of computer accessibility was rather nice touch for all you fans of multi application performance.


In the electronic department, the guitar operates via a pair of highly versatile Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups. The company's models are typically on the hot side, but with this guitar a fine balance between clarity and gain was achieved, cranking up the versatility factor to 11.

The mix also includes tonal and volume control knobs, as well as a pair of tone switches to adjust each of the pickups to fit your needs to a tee.


No matter which musical style you're gearing up to tackle, this Godin guitar can handle it. You'll be amazed how versatile it is and how you can take on anything from light pop to crushing heavy metal with it.

But, the tone of this guitar is deeply rooted in the realm of jazz and blues music, which becomes apparent when playing those super crispy clear notes. In the creamy regime, the sound remains organic and natural. Stellar stuff, 5 outta 5.


Many players say that after purchasing this guitar, they are fine with NOT playing any other six-string for the rest of their lives and we understand why. This is an amazing guitar for every fan of guitars, but especially for jazz and blues lovers. One of the best electric guitars under 2000 dollars the market can offer right now? Yes, absolutely!

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Reader Interactions


  1. James says

    Can confirm, I picked one up a few months back, the custom custom (which is actually a customized custom custom hand picked by seymour duncan himself) is great for any of your rock or metal needs with the jazz II handling most anything else you could want. It also achieves great single coil sounds in the 2 and 4 positions and thats before we even start talking about the excellent piezo and synth access. This guitar does it all. The one thing that worried me (which is common on godin family guitars) is where the headstock comes into the neck is quite narrow but mine recently took a headfirst dive after a strap lock failed and she survived without so much as a complaint. Check these out if you can!

  2. Kent says

    The Godin LGX /LGXT/LGX_SA are the PRS for the middle class. Beautiful flame tops,solid build, USA/Canada made, top of the line components, and tone for days. Like a PRS w/ 5-way switch you get split coil in the 2 and 4 position for Tele/Strat sounds. In the discontinued LGX, you only get the split coil of one humbucker. It is not paired with the remaining humbucker like a PRS. This can be changed. Not sure if the LGXT combine the single w/ humbucker.

    The Piezo sounds great. Many people love the built in synth.

    These guitar are awesome and hold the value.

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