Gibson SG 2016 – Epic Horns In Their Original Edition

It is an undeniable fact that the world of metal guitars has reached glorious heights in recent years, but it is equally undeniable that some classic guitars can still kick asses of a solid share of modern axes out there.

One such guitars is of course the Gibson SG, the axe that started the whole thing in the hands of Tony Iommi and an undeniable classic of the six-string domain. We took out the latest model for a spin, make sure to check out our Gibson SG 2016 review right below.


Body & Neck

Needless to say, the company stuck to classic features, but made sure to add a few nifty tweaks and exciting tidbits to spice things up. We are looking at a classic mahogany body with a booming groove and plenty of resonance, along with a strong mahogany neck – which is a great asset seeing that the neck is slim and mahogany construction does a fine job in increasing durability – as well as a standard rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and a traditional graph tech nut.

It is worth noting that the neck is a bit chunkier than some of the older models, reeling in a bit of a Les Paul vibe, perfect for ripping heavy chords and riffs. Of course, the body shape is the iconic horned double-cutaway you can recognize from miles away.



The guitar utilizes the renowned Tune-o-matic bridge combined with a classy stop-bar tailpiece and a set of traditional manual tuners. These things do an excellent job in keeping guitar in proper tuning and intonation while you work on that magic. Note that the price also includes a protective gig bag and a Gibson Owner’s Manual.


In the electronic department, this Gibson guitar of 2016 rocks a pair of two hot humbucker pickups – the 490R and 498T of the Modern Classic series. These puppies are crafted from Alnico magnets and the renowned 42 AWG wire, making them similar to the iconic PAF pickups, only improved with modern craftsmanship.

As for controls, we are looking at a standard set of individual Tone and Volume knobs for each of the pickups, along with a classic three-way switch.


The sound is super raw, but still versatile and organic. If you like your groove to sound crunchy and sludgy, but always remain rooted in more traditional rock ‘n’ roll values, an SG is an option you cannot regret making.


Gibson has a reputation of being on the pricy side, but in our opinion this fella comes with an appropriate price tag for the goods that you get. The sound is simply worthy, and it’s great to see that a Gibson SG 2016 can still stand on par with some of the classic models.

When all factors are jotted down and combined, this is a guitar that no fan of rock and metal can regret purchasing. One of the best guitars for metal on the market, that’s for sure. Good stuff!

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