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Fulltone Custom Shop Supa-Trem2 Review – Simplicity In a Refined Way

4.8 out of 5 stars

Fulltone is one brand you can trust to bring you old school style effects pedals which deliver a great performance. Fulltone Custom Shop Supa-Trem2 is one of their more popular designs and one of the most capable tremolo effects pedals on the market at the moment.

There is nothing mediocre about this stompbox, which we definitely think is a good thing. If you are looking for a different kind of trem effect, you need to check out this one.



In terms of features, Fulltone Custom Shop Supa-Trem2 brings a lot of interesting new things. First and foremost, the pedal is packed into a rather strange looking body. It's wide, tall, and might be a pin to fit on a pedalboard. This is a true stereo tremolo pedal, with two sets of outputs in the back.

The circuitry is based on the well-known vintage design that includes stereo photo cells and buffered bypass for optimal effect isolation. It comes with tap tempo and a rather intuitive set of controls.



When it comes to controls, you have four knobs to work with, in addition to three switches. The first knob you will see is the Volume control. As you would expect, this pot allows you to adjust the level of the effect. Next is your Mix knob. This is Fulltone's way of labeling what is usually named Depth on other pedals.

It's one of two standard tremolo controls which allows you to adjust how far down the dips in the volume are going to go. Then there is a small knob called Phase Correlation. This feature adjusts the phase between the two stereo outputs you have and allows you to achieve some rather interesting results.

Finally, there's the Rate knob which impacts the frequency of the effect. Three available switches include the standard on/off switch, Tap Tempo switch, and wave select switch with three available wave forms.


What really makes the Fulltone Custom Shop Supa-Trem2 so outstanding is its performance. This pedal brings a whole new level of versatility thanks to its true stereo nature, and its vintage style circuitry.

Using the available controls, you can dial in a plethora of vintage mono and stereo tremolo effects, which are going to give you the same type of vibe you would get from a vintage amp that has an integrated tremolo effect.


While it's definitely not the cheapest tremolo pedal out there, we have to appreciate Fulltone's dedication to delivering a truly versatile tremolo. This thing has quality written all over it, and it is definitely a model we would feel comfortable using on stage.

Fulltone Custom Shop Supa-Trem2 is one of the more refined tremolo pedals on the market at this moment, going toe to toe with most modern designs. Sometimes vintage is better, especially if you are chasing a very niche type of tone. All things considered, this awesome tremolo pedal is worth the investment, and then some.

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