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Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal – When You Need That Extra Punch

4.6 out of 5 stars

If you tend to obsess with your tone, then the OCD overdrive is for you! Fulltone was formed in the early 90’s by Michael Fuller, an experienced guitarist, composer and performer. They’ve had great remarks by many magazines and guitar celebrities.

The company is very proficient at making high quality hand-made overdrive pedals, consisted of the finest components available on the market. Nearly all of their pedals include True Bypass, a feature that is heavily desired in any pedal by guitar users, and LED lights indicators. Today we’re introducing a very interesting pedal with an odd and catchy name, the Fulltone OCD — Obsessive Compulsive Drive, often regarded as one of the best guitar overdrive pedals.



This pedal offers exhilarating overdrive tones, a wide variety of accessible and convenient sounds, and the ability to smoothly transition through low and high gain settings. The beautifully designed chassis highlights its knobs perfectly, it is easy and intuitive to use and modify, wrapped up neatly in a creamy package. If you like doing multiple pedal settings, you won’t feel the extra weight of the OCD as it is very small and manageable. This pedal can run on a 9V or 18V battery, go with the 18V if you want spacious and louder sound output.


The controls featured on the pedal are Volume, Drive and Tone. These options are pretty regularly found on overdrive pedals, they allow you to adjust your gain, your desired output volume and set your optimal sound balance. The OCD offers True Bypass, which comes through the manufacturers unique and personalized foot-switch, which they guarantee is the finest on the market.

You’ll also find the LP and HP switches on the box, High Peak provides an increase in distortion, fattening up your sound. Low Peak provides less interference in your guitar’s original sound, while still boosting and improving it.


This outstanding piece of work by FT definitely justifies its remarks as one of the finest on the market. If you go with the LP option, you’ll bear witness to fantastic saturation of your sound, with a thrilling headroom. HP on the other side, transitions into giving you a crispy distortion that’s mostly impossible to find in other overdrive pedals. The pedal’s sound output overall is very polished and lively. It will satisfy you, whether you want your audience roaring with shred tearing solos, or chilled out jazz tunes, you will be surprised by the results you get and this pedal will find a worthy place in your setup.


If you go with the OCD, you’ll definitely feel as if you’ve purchased one of the costliest overdrive pedals on the market, at a ridiculously affordable price. A uniquely wonderful piece of work by FT, providing you with sound refinement no other can.

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