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Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah Wah Pedal – Straight From Hendrix's Toolbox

4.7 out of 5 stars

Fulltone was formed in 1991 by Michael Fuller – an inspiring composer and guitarist. The manufacturers are regarded with great respect in the guitar world, because of the amount of work they put in when crafting their gorgeous hand-made pedals, extensive testing before releasing it is a must, with unique techniques that make sure every pedal they offer lasts the user a lifetime.

All of their pedals are guaranteed to produce warm, rich and clean sounds and most of them feature True Bypass – like no other on the market, as the manufacturers claim themselves. Today’s spotlight is earned by one of the best wah-wah options the Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah.



This pedal is partially based on Clyde McCoy’s famous wah pedal – which was one of Jimi Hendrix’s favorites, among others. As well as taking some of the best features from the manufacturers’ classic “Vox Wah” pedals, mainly tuning and improving Vox inductors that made them so popular way back in the 60’s era. The pedal itself is quite simple to use, and it also comes with an instruction manual, which is quite odd for a wah pedal.

When looking in terms of durability, the manufacturers stay true to their claims, this pedal is very sturdy and almost unbreakable, you should have no worries wherever and whenever you decide to carry it with you. A worthy mention is the recommendation for using a carbon zinc battery to run this pedal, as opposed to an alkaline.


This wonderful classic emulates amazing wah effects, the pedal itself has quite a large sweep range, meaning you are offered with a much wider array of customization if you so prefer it, unlike most other wah pedals which have smaller sweeps. However, if you’re a fan of pedals that are more “to-the-point” it’s only going to take a short amount of time before you find your sweet spot. The default effect outputs higher gain by default, however the pedal features an internal volume control switch that takes care of that as you can tune it down to your own preference. The pedal works and outputs awesomeness all by itself, yet it can also work fantastically well on your board alongside other types of pedal effects.


This pedal truly highlights the manufacturers’ dedication and aim towards the best possible sound effects and adaptability, frequently regarded as one of the best wah pedals out there, it will unquestionably give you a run for your money.

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