Top 5 Awesome Apps to Help You Learn Guitar

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Every year we see plenty of new technological advances as far as guitar. At first there was the electric guitar being added, then more advanced amps, new guitars, all sorts of guitar pedals and other additions. Now, we have technological advances being found in the form of computers and phones.

You can get some serious help in learning and playing guitar in the form of a phone app. We're going to mention five apps in this article that can seriously help you learn guitar. They make the whole process much easier, and if you're just starting off, will be nearly as useful as a teacher.

Real Guitar

The first app we'd like to talk about is Real Guitar. It's arguably the most popular guitar app on the Google Play marketplace, despite being a fairly simple program. With Real Guitar, you can play a guitar on your phone using the strings and strumming. If you don't always have a guitar on you, want to practice in your free time, or anything in between, Real Guitar is a great app. There's also a bunch of other features that help you to learn guitar, like free tabs being offered right in the app that you can also use to play on your acoustic or electric guitar. There's both a paid and free version of this app, and it's available on both Android and iPhone.


The next app on our list isn't a free app, which might discourage a lot of people, but after hearing all the features it provides, it might be worth getting for you. GuitarToolkit is exactly what it sounds like, a toolkit. With this app, you get a tuner, a chord library to find every chord imaginable, a list of every scale, and even more. There's so many features this app has that it's hard to ignore how useful it is to any guitarist. Instead of carrying tabs, a tuner, and tons of music, you just need this app to play.

Ultimate-Guitar Tabs

Ultimate-Guitar Tabs is also a popular website featuring tons of tabs. This app is also paid, but we assure you it'll be worth it throughout your guitar career. If you're on the road and have a guitar and your phone, you're set to play just about any song you want. Open up this app, type in the song, and we guarantee it's available (the app has over 500,000 songs).


Guitar+ is a similar app to Real Guitar. You can learn to play guitar in an app before you actually pick one up in person. There's an interactive tutorial that even teaches you the basics. Of course, picking up a guitar after using this app is very different, but you'll still learn the basic chords with Guitar+, and it'll make the transition a lot easier on you. One feature people are raving about is the fact that their phone vibrates when you strum with this app, just like a real guitar.

Drum Beats+

The last app on our list is a paid app, and is going to cost you $4.99, but what you get out of it is useful to any guitarist. You can set up a wide variety of drum beats to play with. This helps you to jam out by yourself and feel just like you're in a band. It'll also help you to keep beat like you would with a metronome. If you want a paid app that's going to increase your overall fun when playing guitar, Drum Beats+ is a great choice. It has even been praised by the Rolling Stone!

Well, now you have five distinct apps to try out. Whether you're a complete beginner to guitar, or an expert, there's different apps for your skill level on this list. When considering buying these apps, remember that five dollars isn't going to break your bank. What these apps provide is substantial in comparison to the cost of them. Try them today and you won't regret it!

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