Fender Modern Player Telecaster – True Piece of History

Fender’s Telecaster holds all kinds of significance. It’s the first solid body guitar, one of the most popular electric guitars in history, and more. If you think about it, it’s also the perfect beginner guitar as well. After all, there was a time when these were the only electric guitars available. If you’re wondering why would someone recommend a mid-range Fender to a beginner, there are many reasons. Least of which is the fact that getting the best guitar you can is always the way to go. Simple as that. We loved this Tele so much that we had to add it to our list of great beginner guitars.


Body And Neck

In terms of body shape, Telecaster is one design you simply can’t miss. With we’re looking at a single cutaway, it’s pretty unique bar the Les Paul. The Modern Player Telecaster features that same alder body, same maple neck, and the very same C profile. This guitar comes in several versions when it comes to finishes, most of which are simple solid colors. The fretboard you get is the traditional lacquered maple perfection that everyone loves about Fender. Fender Modern Player Telecaster is the type of guitar that looks right, feels right and sounds just impressive.


One of the more interesting features of any Telecaster is its bridge. Usually, it is an ashtray type design which also houses one of the pickups. Since this model comes with a humbucker at the bridge, they’ve installed a completely different type of bridge, one that is more similar to a Strat. Tuners come in form of Fender’s standard machines, which are so good that people often get them as an upgrade for their guitars. In terms of hardware, this Fender is on point.



Instead of coming with one or two single coil pickups, Fender has decided to place a pretty potent humbucker at the bridge position. It is followed by a single coil in the middle and a single coil at the neck. While it definitely is slightly unorthodox, this combination does wonders in terms of versatility and flexibility. Pickups are wired to a set of standard volume and tone controls.


Hearing an aggressive sounding Telecaster is unusual, but also pretty much welcome at this point. The brunt of the tone goes to the humbucker. When that is not in use, you can go back to Telecaster’s more traditional tone thanks to those single coils up there. What Fender has managed to do with this design is broaden the range of the guitar and make it suitable for music genres where it wasn’t really that applicable in the past.


This generous instrument is a perfect fit for a modern guitarist who wants to pull out as many hi-quality tones as possible from their gitbox, carrying a price of near-symbolic value.

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