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4.8 out of 5 stars

Fender hass a number of awesome acoustic bass guitars in their current offer. Those who are coming from Jazz and Precision series will love Fender Kingman SCE. It is one of the best performing acoustic bass guitars out there, but also one of the more interesting models you can find.


Body & Neck

It appears that Fender wanted to design an acoustic bass guitar that is both familiar to those who prefer the acoustic side of the family, but also the classic electric side. Kingman SCE combines this so perfectly by delivering a dreadnought body that’s paired with what appears to be a classic maple Jazz Bass neck. You get the iconic headstock and those massive rectangular inlays. The wood used is solid spruce for the top while the back and sides are made of mahogany. One advantage of turning to Fender is the fact that you have the reputation, near perfect track record and long tradition behind you every step of the way. What this means is that Fender Kingman SCE comes put together extremely well, with much attention to details. Dreadnought shape is so neutral and popular, making this an obvious choice for those who are just crossing over to acoustics.


If we put all of the iconic guitar designs aside, Fender is known for a number of other things. For starters, their tuners are amazing to say the least. Even the stock ones like the set found on Fender Kingman SCE. You are looking at their die cast set that is incredibly good at retaining the key as well as handling bends or more aggressive picking technique.On the other end, the bridge and saddle add up and provide support from their side. Out of the box, Fender Kingman SCE comes fairly well set up. Chances are you won’t have to touch anything. Electronics come in form of Fishman’s Presys system that has been proven numerous times by now. It is complex enough for anyone to find a decent tone, but not overbearing on the user. You can prepare the tone for whatever after effects you plan on using.


Sound wise, there is a lot to be said about a dreadnought acoustic bass. This design retains the extended lower end, but a more articulated mids section. Trebles are sharp, clear and defined, which is exactly what you would want anyway. That mahogany combined with solid spruce adds a classic vibe to the whole package, but also works great with this particular build. Projection is there and so is the volume. Once plugged in, Fender Kingman SCE sounds fairly authentic. Fishman is known for being able to nail the core sound of the instrument their electronics are built into and that is true in this case as well. On board controls are capable of adding plenty of additional color, to a point where you will find it easy to nail the tone you want.


Fender’s Kingman SCE is an overall awesome bass, but also something that caters completely to Fender fans from both camps. It delivers outstanding performance, great aesthetics and that iconic Fender reliability. Either way, it is a great choice for beginners who want something better, as well as more advanced players.

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  1. This is my first acoustic bass and am very happy with my fender kingman.It’s not perfect, a bit of a buzz at times and it is neck heavy, but not so bad when playing sitting down.I love it for now, by will prob get a high end acoustic bass later on.

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