Fender Jaguar Special – One Of The Most Interesting Fender Models

The mighty Jaguar guitar stands out as one of the underdogs of the six-string giant known as Fender, an icon in its own right and an instrument that helped shape an entire musical movement.

It’s not a Strat, it’s not a Tele, but it IS a guitar that helped define what we consider as staple brand of garage rock, grunge, sludge, or shoegaze sound. Read on for a full review!


Body & Neck

The axe utilizes a slimmer construction and a design that is well adapted for players with smaller hands, but still chunky enough for everyone to wield it. We are looking at a solid-wood body with a maple neck and a standard rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets and white dot markers.

Looks of this guitar certainly count as one of the factors that make it stand out. Specifically, we are looking at the peculiar, slightly pointy body shape, a set of switches for tonal adjustments, metal plates on several positions, and the distinctive tremolo design.

The neck is slim and highly playable, but still chunky enough to produce those massive power-chords every rocker is yearning for. The instrument is made in Mexico.



So shiny, so chrome! The six-string utilizes chrome hardware, as well as a distinctive tremolo plate located close to the bridge in order to increase the break-angle. This gives the guitar extra sustain and what most folks would call a better sound.

Additionally, the axe features a standard tremolo bridge from Fender and a set of company’s tuning pegs attached to a classic Fender headstock. Note that a deluxe gig bag has also been included in the price to sweeten the deal.


In the electronic department, we are dealing with a set of two single-coil pickups. It might seem like a basic configuration, but two of the boys are quite hot, and the onboard set of controls makes it easy for the player to cover a lot of ground. Specifically, the instrument includes a filter switch, a cut switch, a bright switch, as well as a standard Tone control knob and a Master Volume knob.


So, how does it all sound then? Pretty good, actually! The listed combination of tonewood, hardware and electronics reels in a sonic attack that’s first and foremost beefy and chunky, but still somewhat light and packed with mid-range punch.

However, the instrument is also a versatile sound that can be adapted to a variety of genres and styles, while always retaining that signature Jaguar spirit. And that, folks, is what iconic guitars are all about.


For the listed price, this is a pretty solid deal! The only thing you have to be aware of is whether the sonic description we just gave matches your needs. If you like that raw vibe of grunge and garage rock, this is the best deal you can get for the money. Good stuff!

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