Fender FA-100 – Simplicity With a Pedigree

Fender is usually associated with their expensive electric guitars and basses. Next in line would be their top tier acoustics, but not a lot of people actually pay attention to Fender’s most affordable lineup. In terms of acoustic guitars, this would be the FA series. Fender FA-100 is among the cheapest acoustic guitars you can get at the moment. Besides being affordable, FA-100 is actually quite a decent guitar. Aimed at beginners, this model has a lot to offer.


Body And Neck

FA-100 brings you the now legendary dreadnought body shape in its most basic version. This is a no-thrill guitar, that’s for sure. Tonewood Fender went with for the top is basswood. While it’s anything but common, basswood is more or less what allowed them to cut the costs down and allow the FA-100 to reach its current price. Back and sides are made of Aghatis, which is a nice contrast to the soft basswood on top. The neck is also made of Aghatis and is standard in every aspect that is relevant. From a standpoint of someone who is just starting out, none of this matters that much. The guitar is affordable and offers a very decent performance for what it is.



As you would expect, Fender didn’t spend too much on the hardware for FA-100. You get a standard rosewood bridge with a synthetic compensated saddle on top. The set of tuning machines on the headstock belongs to your average die cast variety. With that said, they work pretty well. Straight out of the box, no one can guarantee that your FA-100 will sound flawless. More often than not, these guitars need to be taken down to a shop for a professional setup. While it is an additional expense, doing this can completely change the way FA-100 sounds and feels.


In terms of sound, you are looking at some tradeoffs. Since it is a dreadnought, there will be a decent amount of volume at your disposal. Lows are abundant, but sometimes hard to control. Once you start moving on to higher notes, the trebles actually sound pretty decent. At the end of the day, this a beginner’s guitar in every sense of the word. Would you want to use the Fender FA-100 for gigging? Probably not. However, it can be great practice guitar.


Fender’s presence on the acoustic guitar market is somewhat limited. Models such as this FA-100 have turned out to be a very successful move by Fender. They’ve found a way to give your average beginner a guitar which won’t ruin their bank account while sounding reasonably decent at the same time. Another reason why FA-100 is so popular has to do with the logo on the headstock. Some people simply trust a brand such as Fender to deliver a good product. As long as you set up the intonation and action properly, FA-100 should give you a great performance for the money.

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