Fender CN-240CVE (V2) Thinline – Increased Comfort, Standard Quality Of Sound


Fender’s CN-240CVE Thinline features playable comfort at its finest in a lovely classical package. It is a perfect match for electric lovers, offering a crossover of both worlds resulting in a fresh and exciting, high quality playing experience.

If you’re looking to expand upon your collection or you are on the hunt for your first fiddle of its kind, this is a must-have coming at a very affordable price. The entire instrument has quality written all over, exhibiting the designer’s attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, as shown on its Thinline body profile (2.75 inches deep).

Fender Cn Body

Body & Neck

The guitar’s single cutaway body is made of a solid cedar top, laminated rosewood back and sides with a gorgeous gloss finish. You shouldn’t be concerned by its laminated rosewood, the body’s spruce top more than makes up for it, offering natural sound projections only found on gits costing twice as much.

It is still a 400$ instrument and feature cuts elsewhere are a necessity in order to emphasize on sound quality. Fender have done a great job in finding an admirable balance in quality, making this masterpiece stand out in its price range by a fine margin.

The instrument’s comfortable construction is further showcased by its mahogany neck, hosting a rosewood fingerboard equipped with 18 frets, side dot inlays and a 1.69 inches wide synthetic bone nut. The instrument comes on a total scale of 25.5 inches.



The guitar is topped off by a classy Fender headstock equipped with six gold tuning machines with white pearl buttons. The rosewood bridge sits atop a compensated saddle, doing a marvelous job in keeping the Fender Nylon Classical strings in check, ensuring flawless intonation.


The instrument’s tonal spectrum is further enhanced by its Fishman Isys III active preamp system – which enables sound modifications through its four control knobs; bass, middle, treble and volume, as well as an onboard tuner.


The CN-240CVE does a phenomenal job by outputting familiar classic tones that speak of its authenticity and quality. With the added functionality of its preamp and tuner, the instrument allows you to reach new heights and sound capabilities previously unheard of.

You will need an amp with a clean setting in order to nullify its thin-y tones, which is why this git is a first pick for electric players. However, your presence will be heard regardless. Whether it’s on-stage or in a closed settings, this beauty can make you shine with ease. It’s a fantastic tool for proper classical expression.


At a striking balance level of quality and affordability, you get a guitar which can potentially accompany you for decades. Well worth your money, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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