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Fender Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal – Perfect Balance Of Performance And Price

4.7 out of 5 stars

If you want to secure high quality analog chorus sound, but would like to save a few bucks along the way, allow us to introduce you to the Fender Chorus pedal. This fella is loaded with everything the majority players need, along with a distinctive appearance and a staple Fender mark.

You would usually expect giants like Fender to make more expensive product since their brand is so huge, but in this case it ended up being the other way around. The company's attempt to grab a share of the market with cheaper, yet still high-quality products? Well now, let's see…


This is a stereo pedal with a single In and dual Out jacks, allowing you to split the output signal in two directions. Apart from that, we're looking at 500 k Ohm input impedance and an output load impedance of over 10 k Ohm. The device operates as a low-noise analog pedal, securing a tight and swirly sound you can control with those three knobs on top.

The casing comes with a blue and white color finish spiced up with classic Fender letters; it's sturdy, made of metal and quite durable. You can power this fella through a single 9V battery or with an AC adapter. The listed weight of the item is 15 ounces, while total size sums up at 2.5 x 2 x 4.75 inches.

FenderChorusGuitar EffectsPedal-2


To adjust the sound of the pedal, the user is left with three control knobs – Depth, Speed, and Mix. This is what they do:

Depth – This one controls the intensity and high frequencies present in the final audio output. The more you dial it in, the crispier and more intense the tone will get.

Speed – As the title indicates, this one controls the speed of the chorus effect. The more you increase it, the more swirly your tone will get.

Mix – Also known as the Level or Volume knob, this control adjust the level of chorus effect that gets injected into your output. The more it's cranked up, the more effect signal and less clean guitar sound you will get.

Another cool touch is that the LED status indicator flashes according to the speed of the chorus, giving you a clear image of the effect's intensity even when you're jamming with an entire band and can't entirely clarify your tone from the mix.


Two things stand out – ease of use and value for money. The pedal is quite simple to control and the three knobs are easy to get a hold of. Additionally, for the listed price, the sound is definitely top-notch. It's warm and swirly, and versatile enough to satisfy the majority of players of all levels.

Even with all knobs at 12 o'clock you will feel the extra body in your tone, and we especially recommend hooking this one to a high-gain amp for best results.


Overall, this is a cool pedal. What makes it stand out is that it can provide an equally powerful and high-quality tone as items 20 or 30 percent more expensive. Additionally, it's quite easy to use, hence we recommend it for beginners who want to instantly get a tone they can use well through intermediate and even pro stage. Test it out, it just might be your perfect fit!

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