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Fender Acoustic SFX Review – A Complete Package For Stage Use

4.8 out of 5 stars

Fender is well known for their guitar amps, although that reputation is mostly focused on the stuff they make for electric guitars. When it comes to acoustics, this old brand definitely has a lot to offer. Today we are going to take a look at the Fender Acoustic SFX. This is one of the absolute best combos you can get for acoustic guitars. It's more than capable of going against much more expensive models from other brands, making it a great choice for both pros and casual users.

Fender Acoustic SFX Control


Fender has designed the control cluster with ease of use in mind. The amp comes with two separate channels, each running a combined XLR/TRS jack. Individual channel controls include Volume, a four-band EQ section, Reverb as well as a Phase switch. These knobs are arranged in two rows. In the middle, you will find the Stereo SFX cluster where you can select two types of Delay, a Chorus and a Vibrato effect foreach channel. Overall, the controls are extremely intuitive allowing you to dial in a great tone whether you are using a guitar or a microphone. Right there where the Stereo SFX knob is, you will also find an AUX port, as well as a headphones line-out.

Fender Acoustic SFX Feature


Fender Acoustic SFX packs 160 Watts of power divided into two channels. That means you get 80 Watts of dedicated juice on each one. They've fitted the SFX with an 8 Inch low-frequency driver, a side radiating 6-inch midrange and a tweeter. On top of that, there is also a single compression driver horn. While it is a bit more complex, this configuration of transducers covers the entirety of the frequency range. The device's impressive aesthetics are not just for show. Fender wanted to make these as light as possible to increase mobility. In fact, you can easily use the SFX for frequent gigging in smaller and mid-sized venues. This thing has more than enough power for that type of application.


To say that the tone quality is good would be an understatement. Even though it is a fully digital unit, the fact that Fender took the stereo approach means that you get a natural sounding projection. SFX offers a relatively accurate tone reproduction which can be shaped up quite a bit. The SFX technology, which stands for Stereo Field Expansion, gives you a whole new dimension of tone to work with. It allows you to adapt the output and tone profile of the amp to the venue you are playing in. This way your audience is going to be treated with an organic sound that flows naturally through
the room. Those who need a solid gigging amp that includes some effects as well should definitely put the SFX on the top of their list.


Compared to other high-end acoustic amps, Fender's SFX offers an impressive amount of bang for your buck. On top of that, it also looks rather amazing. This is the type of amplifier we can recommend to anyone, including professionals and casual users alike.

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