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ESP Kirk Hammett Signature KH-2 Black – The Black Ax Of Metal

4.9 out of 5 stars

When it comes to signature guitars, we are not afraid to admit that you are threading some iffy grounds. Signature models can be pricy and deliver a limited audio spectrum, but we are 100 percent positive that Mr. Kirk Hammett's ESP model is a deal every metal guitarist cannot regret.

It's called the KH-2 and it offers so much more than the classic Kirk sound. We took it out for a run, make sure to check out our conclusions in the review below.


Body & Neck

A stand-out factor from the get-go – alder body. While mahogany is considered a prized tonewood for metal guitars, the company's decision to utilize alder was actually an awesome move, as it provided that necessary boom and resonance, but injected the six-string with a distinctive mid-range punch and a sound to stand out from the mahogany-saturated market.

The neck is a bolt-on maple piece, it's slim and highly playable, while the fingerboard is rosewood with a set of 24 frets, killer skull and crossbones inlays, and a 25.5” scale length. The upside-down headstock is a sexy touch, too. So far, pretty good!



The instrument utilizes classic Floyd Rose original bridge with the locking nut, combined with elegant all-black hardware, a set of super strong and accurate tuning pegs and not pick guard whatsoever. It's all high-end stuff, just as it ought to be. Of course, a hard-shell case is included in the price.


The driving force under the hood of this beast is a set of EMG humbucker pickups – the EMG 81 in the bridge position and the EMG 60 pickup in the neck position. For sonic tweaks, the player is offered with a set of two Volume knobs and one Tone control, along with a standard three-way switch.


The KH-2 may have Mr. Hammett's name on it, but it delivers a stellar audio crunch that can be adapted to any style of metal and rock music, fitting your every need while retaining a high-level sound foundation. amazing sonic crunch you can adapt to your personal needs while always retaining a top-notch sonic foundation.
The body is quite resonant and the aforementioned vibrant nature of alder turned out to be one of the key factors that gave the instrument clarity, articulation and versatility, all while combining it with crush, crunch, doom and gloom.


Yes, this is an expensive guitar and we can't exactly give it a 5/5 value rating because it does cost a pretty penny. However, you get what you paid for and this thing truly possesses the sonic quality at least three times greater than any $1,000 guitar.

If you want the finest of the finest, this ESP is one of the strongest contenders for the flattering title of the best metal guitar, in our book at least. Feel free to check it out and treat yourself with pure metal bliss as early as today. Rock on!

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  1. Rob Caudill says

    Untuneable son of a bitch for the most part and will not stay BN for a very long once you get it there. It would’ve been nice if you could put the strings on it normally instead of Ass backward. Whammy bar set up does not help that either. Best thing is it came with a set of Bill Lawrence L 500 pick ups made by him. I would much rather have my old Washburn G can rea I would much rather have my old Washburn G 10 V with a wonder bar set up. Call um like I see um.

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