Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Guitar Player Package – A Starter Kit With That Guarantees Quality

If you happen to be completely new to the world of guitar, a fresh player just looking to dive into the six-string realm, we have one of the best beginner guitar packs in the world – the Epiphone PR-4E package.


This product features everything a newbie needs – in our humble opinion of course – with an amazing price tag of under $200. For taking that first proper step, especially for younger players, this is the perfect fit.

The package includes: one Epiphone PR-4E acoustic electric guitar, one Epiphone Acoustic-15 amp, one gig bag, one guitar strap, one clip-on tuner, one cable, and a pack of

Let’s see what we have here now!

Epiphone PR-4E AcousticElectric Guitar Player Package-body

Body & Neck

What surprised us the most about this six-string is that the manufacturer somehow managed to use quality mahogany wood at a price this low! The mahogany side and back is combined by a spruce top, as well as a sturdy mahogany neck. Further on up the road, we’re looking at a classic rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and white dot inlays.

As widely known, the mahogany body brings in a well-rounded sound that is massive and strong on one hand, and a tad mellow and bright on the other. The neck is solid and does the job nicely. We’ve noticed occasional fret buzz and the piece is not exactly crafted for shredding, but it’s still everything a new player will ever need.

Epiphone PR-4E AcousticElectric Guitar Player Package-neck


The device comes with a set of piezo pickups that do a fine job in shifting the instrument’s unplugged sound to the nearest PA system or amp. A set of on-board die-cast tuners does a fine job in keeping the instrument in tune in combination with the rosewood bridge. Overall, these are solid features that you can’t complain about at this price.

Now the other important factor of this mix is the Acoustic-15 amp that comes along with the guitar. Once again, we are dealing with a beginner-friendly item that offers a good clean acoustic sound with minimum interference, along with the ability to make decent sonic alterations via on-board set of controls.


Both in plugged-in and unplugged regime, this guitar offers a sound driven by a strong mid-range punch and a pinch of brightness from the treble section. The basses are also there, although slightly less prominent than the rest. When hooked up with the included amp, the instrument will provide the beginner with a realistic image of what to expect from acoustic guitars in general.

This audio quality is of course not of the highest quality, but it’s more than good enough and even excellent for the listed price tag. Perhaps most importantly, the sonic attack is strong enough to make any enthusiastic newbie yearn for more, and’ that’s what it’s all about!


We’re not gonna lie, this package offers an amazing value for money! First of all, you need to understand that buying the first guitar goes beyond just the instrument. The process also includes an amp, a cable, a tuner (absolutely obligatory!), picks, and a strap (obligatory as well!). We are usually happy to fetch all this for around $500, yet we’re talking $200 here for a genuine solid sound?! Good stuff, good stuff indeed!

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  1. Hello! I have a question. We bought the Epiphone PR-4E package for my daughter and may need to replace it (neck broken second time). If I don’t need the package, is the guitar sold anywhere on its own or can you recommend something similar in the beginner price range? Thanks!

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