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The Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack Review – Affordable Convenient Quality

4.6 out of 5 stars

Whether you’re a professional shredder or a complete beginner, every guitarist has heard of the Gibson Les Paul – it’s one of the most famous guitar models in the world! And this popular Les Paul starter package from Gibson’s budget-friendly subsidiary Epiphone marries convenience and affordability, with quality and playability – everything you need to get started in the world of guitar.

The Guitar

Epiphone is a brand that is among the leaders in the newbie axes market and they are offering a great bundle for the enthusiasts that do not want to waste weeks in researching and just want to enjoy music. The Epiphone Electric Guitar Pack features an original LP Special II LTD guitar, a cable that is ten feet long and an Electar guitar amp with 10 Watts of output.

As for hardware, you get good quality covered machine heads as well as a classic tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar, which means changing your strings won’t be a tough task. The Les Paul is voiced by two Epiphone-designed pickups – a 700T at the bridge position, and a 650R at the neck. Both are humbuckers, so keep unwanted noise at bay while providing a clear sound, with good aggression when the overdrive is cranked up. For a guitar in such a wallet-friendly combo, this really impresses and is hard to beat in its category.


The Amp and Extras

With such a good guitar, this package is already shaping up to be quite the prospect. But it’s further enhanced by an Epiphone Electar Amplifier, which packs a 6” speaker and 10-watts of power into a small package. It’s not the loudest amp, but it provides clear clean tones and a good dose of raspy overdrive that works well for rock and metal practice. It also offers straightforward, simple controls – a big plus for beginners – which includes a handy clean/overdrive channel select button to switch your sound instantly. The headphone jack is also essential for quiet practice sessions.

In addition to the amp, your cash gets you a convenient host of accessories, such as a very handy digital chromatic tuner. Like the amp, this is easy to use and won’t get lost thanks to the clip-on function. You’ll also find the essentials: plectrums, a strap, a cable, and a branded gig bag. None of these are particularly robust, and may be the first thing you look to upgrade, but for playing straight out of the box they are a fine addition.

Finally, this package comes with a series of guitar instructional videos from the award-winning eMedia, which allow you to play along with popular songs and slow them to a speed you are comfortable with. Again, this is a blessing for players first starting out.


It’s no wonder this package is so popular. The Les Paul Special-II LTD is comfortable, playable, and shows off good quality for such a budget guitar, while the amp is cute but powerful enough for any practice session. In fact, the guitar and amp alone are more than worth the price of the package, but the extras are convenient bonuses that allow you to start playing from the moment you rip open the packaging!

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Reader Interactions


  1. Amanda Phillips says

    I can’t find the size on this guitar. Would it fit a 5 year olds hands well. If someone could please help me out it would be much appreciated.

  2. Akis Drakopoulos says

    Hello everyone!I finally decided to buy an electric guitar and because i am a beginner i chose to buy the epiphone player pack!I am also a metal fan so i was wondering if the settings on the amp allow me to practise songs from slipknot etc.

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