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Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal – Cobain's Secret Weapon

4.8 out of 5 stars

Do you know that “Come as You Are” riff by Nirvana? Well, Kurt Cobain played that one through this very pedal – the Small Clone chorus by Electro Harmonix. This fella is super simple basic, yet always offer a sound that is top-notch in majority of cases, allowing you to focus on your playing, but also make enough tweaks to craft a signature tone.

Made in the US of A, this stompbox features a “classic” chorus tone, very organic, analog and rich. Let's dissect it a bit now, shall we?


First of all, this fella is sturdy is a tank! The metal casing can easily take more than a few punches, and as long as you treat it right, it'll serve you a lifetime. It's a true bypass pedal with one control knob, one two-way switch, a master on/off foot-switch, one In jack input, one Out jack input, and a LED status indicator.

The device can be powered through a single included 9V battery or via optional 9DC-100 adapter. In the aesthetic region, the item combines grey, black and purple, scoring a distinctive vibe, so thumbs up there as well.



So, we have two controls here – the Rate knob and the Depth switch. Here's what they do:

Depth switch – this one controls the intensity level of the chorus effect. Switch it one if you want to give the effect more prominence in the mix. The higher option gives you significantly more pitch modulation, while the lower switch is more shallow and mellow.

Rate – This knob adjust the speed of the chorus and its presence in the mix. The more you crank it up, the more prominent and more swirly will the effect and the tone become. Pretty basic, pretty easy to grasp.


Many people associate this pedal with “Come as You Are,” and yes, you CAN get that tone from the Small Clone. However, there is also a variety of other sonic expressions you can dial in here, ranging from rich dimensional chorus to genuine pulsating warbles. Thanks to those controls, you can also craft neat doubling effects such as a chiming 12-string tone or those Leslie-like warbles.

Overall, the pedal is easy to use and offers a solid sound in every position, leaving it to you to find that perfect position that suits you best. The level of noise is quite low, and the sound is natural and organic. We are pleased


Overall, this is a pedal we recommend to a variety of players. Just because a Nirvana tune made it iconic doesn't mean it cannot be utilized in any other style. As a matter of fact, we recommend this fella to anyone from light pop to heavy metal players in need of a chorus. The pricing is quite fair and realistic – you pay what you get.

And seeing that the manufacturer did have a realistic option to crank up the price to stratospheric heights because this is a “Kurt Cobain pedal” after all, we are very pleased with the price tag and have to give EH guys kudos for taking the cool path. This is a cool pedal, get it if you need a chorus!

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