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Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal – When Standard Compressors Just Don't Cut It

4.6 out of 5 stars

Electro-Harmonix are based and founded in New York (USA), with a 40 year old history of offering some of the finest pedal effects on the market, regardless of type.

They assure quality and tradition, a definite preferred brand pick for many famous guitarists and enthusiasts ever since their foundation, remaking classics and constantly putting out quality and versatile pedals on the market, it’s safe to say EH have conquered the guitar world over time, maintaining an immovable foothold. Today we’re reviewing the fantastic EH Freeze Sound Retainer Compression pedal that is featured in our top compressor pedals chart.



This cool (pun intended) pedal is one of EH’s most unique products ever made, as part of their “nano” line of pedals. It captures your sound as soon as you press the footswitch until you release it, afterwards playing it as a background sound, while offering three modes for additional control on how it turns out and how long it lasts.

This means that despite the fact that this pedal is labelled as “compression”, It’s actually more of a sustain pedal, borrowing functions from Delay/Looper and sounds reminiscent of piano pedals – truly showing what EH are capable of.Visually, it’s wrapped up in a compact box with an icy blue color tone, it contains your standard ins and outs and it weighs only 0.8 ounces.


There’s a single dial knob featured on the front labeled as Effect level, which is pretty self-explanatory in itself, controlling the volume of your sustained sound. The versatile modifications are brought to you by the three switches controlling the way your effect turns out: Fast – captures your sound immediately as soon as you hold down the footswitch, and instantaneous decays as soon as it is released.

Slow – the pedal takes your captured sound and slowly fades it in (200-800 ms) and out (400ms-3.2sec) for flawless smooth transition. Latch enables you to permanently sustain your captured sound, by releasing the footswitch – this effect lasts until you press down the footswitch again.


This wonder-box by EH can be used in many ways, you can simply just create clone samples of your tone for background sound with fantastic sustain, which can help cover up potential holes in your collective sound if you’re playing in a band, or just enrich your own if you’re rocking solo, with the smooth fading options, you’ll surely be thrilled at just how much this deceptively simple pedal can thrill and inspire. This pedal’s full potential remains yet to be explored, although it provides amazing sound effects on its own, the possibilities keep rising in a multiple pedal setup, if that’s your thing.


This astonishing pedal is definitely one of a kind, it fits into a category of its own. It comes with at an affordable price, and if you’re looking to spice it up with something new, then look no further.

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