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Electro-Harmonix English Muff’ n Tube Overdrive Pedal – Familiar Excellence In a Different Flavor

4.7 out of 5 stars

Electro-Harmonix is a US based manufacturer of guitar equipment, they’ve been aiding in the improvement of music for over 40 years since their foundation. As one of the most preferred go-to brands by many famous musicians and guitar experts around the world, they’ve established an immovable foothold on the market and in people’s hearts and minds.

Their sound is heard everywhere, they’ve literally improved music through their graciously crafted products.
The current spotlight is earned by the Electro-Harmonix English Muff’n Tube Overdrive Pedal, one of the rarest pieces of high-end quality, with an obvious British indication. It is slightly aimed towards the more experienced and experimental user, which is only natural give the fact it is aimed at reproducing a certain classic sound.

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This all-around pedal derives its classic tones from the iconic British guitar amplifiers. The Muff’n delivers grandiose recreation of said tones with unmatched precision. This pedal utilizes vacuum tubes in order to reproduce the depth and innate saturation of British valve sounds. The pedal features a natural inclusion in EH products, True Bypass, with adoption of mechanical relay.

DUAL vacuum tube, committed to an authentic tube overdrive, which means its naturally supplied with two EH 12AY7 tubes, and substitute EH 12AX7 and 12AU7 for more or less distortion, respectfully. This enables heavy experimentation with various tube combinations for producing brand new and unique tube sounds. It fits well with any guitar amp out there, and it goes packaged with a 12AC-1000 power supply.


The controls on this masterful pedal offer knobs for Low, Mid and High tone modulation. Two knobs above control the Volume and Gain level, with a status light indicator in-between the two.


This state of the art overdrive pedal by EH provides exactly what you signed up for. You will achieve that deep and lush sound that’s considered one of the best when it comes to tube distortion. The options for control enable you to refine your sound exactly to suit your preference, regardless of the genre of music you’re employing with your sweet guitar. From smooth and low output, to high and gritty, play your favorite Jazz tunes, or recreate some wonderful AC/DC tunes, it’s all made possible by the Muff’n’s British flavor.


If you’re in the market looking for some of the most well-built and unique overdrive pedals, this versatile piece of work will match your needs to all degrees. Its wide array of options, packed together in a carefully conceived chassis, is a very affordable pedal, after which you might ask yourself, how did your set up even function prior to its acquisition. EH has delivered what was promised, as they do time and time again.

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