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Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb Pedal – New Levels Of Depth

4.6 out of 5 stars

Everyone’s familiar with the sound of Electro-Harmonix. Consciously or not, the sound of EH has been heard by a majority of music lovers. This statement holds its merit considering the fact that this remarkable manufacturer is a favorite to a number of big stars known in the guitar world. Such as David Gilmour, Jack White, Billy Corgan and many more.

Over the course of the company’s existence, they’ve been essential in forging the sound of music for over 40 years. The EH Cathedral Stereo Reverb Pedal is one of their finest products made to date.


This incredible pedal provides options for a new guitarist, but it is also aimed for the experienced user, as it may take some time to master and configure. It is so much more than just one of the top reverb effects. As you invest more time in working with it and refining it, the better the sound you will produce. We’re not trying to say you need a PhD in engineering here, the mere point of our statement is that you will get the joy of witnessing your sound continuously improving, it’s a fantastic feeling really.

The chassis is aesthetically backed up on the front with exotic colors making its design very appealing to the eye. When approaching on the physical side, this pedal is a big one, which is more than justified by its versatility. Its dimensions are 10 x 6 x 3 inches, and it weighs 2 pounds. The pedal has 24 bit A/D/A converters and true stereo inputs.



This pedal offers a hefty amount of options. You have 8 personally programmable reverb styles, with the added functionality of loading and saving. There’s a Tempo Tap switch so you can set your pre-delay using your foot, and a damping/tone control solution for every single reverb mode accessible. Perhaps the biggest highlight of this outstanding pedal is the infinite reverb option, all you have to do is press and maintain your hold on the designated footswitch.

The offered reverb styles include two spring options: Grail Spring, which is based on the Holy Grail’s spring reverb, and Accu Spring. Besides those, you have the extremely high quality and well-known Hall, Room, Plate and Reverse Reverb settings. And last but not least, the Grail Flerb, which is an improved version of the original Holy Grail Flerb version.


This astonishing pedal’s ability to refine your sound whichever way you like will make any user thrilled, you are provided with endless possibilities. No matter what you enjoy playing, whether it’s Classical or Rock, you will be amazed by the way your sound blends, it works fantastically well with every rhythm. True Bypass, responsiveness, versatility, fantastic sound quality. These are all remarks of this masterpiece.


Are you in the market looking for a pedal offering a wide variety of top quality options for fine-tuning and improvement? This state of the art wonder produced by EH is definitely worth every penny. Look no further, the Cathedral is the pedal you can retire with. It has what you need, and it aims to please.

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