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Egnater Tweaker – A Different Take On Tube Amps

4.9 out of 5 stars

Egnater is one of those companies that simply refuse to follow the narrative. One more thing they are known for is giving you the boutique type of tone at a price that is more than reasonable. Egnater Tweaker head is a perfect example of what we are talking about. Its stylish design, interesting tube configuration and simply awesome tone make it among the most attractive tube setups you can grab for less than $500 at the moment. Let us show you why this is the case.

Egnater Tweaker Control


The proof that appearances can be deceptive can be found by taking a single look at the controls of the Egnater Tweaker. Aside from the on/off and standby switch, a quick inspection of the amp will reveal only the standard layout of knobs. In this case, that layout includes the master volume knob, a complete three-band EQ and a gain knob. However, tone shaping options on the Egnater Tweaker don't end there. There is a number of small switches that expand on what you can do. First one allows you to choose between a vintage and modern tone. Next comes a USA/Brit switch, which is pretty self explanatory. This is followed by a hot/clean option for gain, a bright/normal and tight/deep switches.

Egnater Tweaker Feature


Egnater Tweaker is one of the more refined amp heads out there. The core of its circuitry comes in form of two pairs of tubes which produce some 15 Watts of power. You get two 12AX7s combined with two 6A6GTA. Both of the tube models were chosen specifically for this amp. All of those switches we have mentioned earlier are nothing more than an expansion of the EQ section. They will each add anywhere from 4 to 9 dB of boost in specific frequency bands depending on which switch you engage. While it is a pretty uncommon and even odd design, the tone shaping potential it brings to the table is too significant to ignore. In terms of output,.you are looking at a the standard 4/8/16 Ohm options. On top of this all, Tweaker also comes with a fully functional effects loop.


Egnater claims that Tweaker sounds 'boutique', which has raised quite a few eyebrows. Their claim is fully justified seeing how different this thing sounds compared to an average streamlined valve unit. Cleans are nice, crisp and even a bit flat depending on your settings. Messing around with the gain knob while the
accompanying switch is in the hot mode, reveals that unmistakeable vintage overdrive. However, it is a bit different on the Tweaker. There is a lot more gain to work with, which allows you to push it to the brink of distortion even. Overall, tone shaping possibilities are numerous. This rather versatile nature makes the Tweaker a perfect recording amp for both home and studio use.


Egnater's Tweaker head is not only one of the best looking heads in its price range, but one of the more unique ones as well. Depending on what kind of tone you are looking for, having a Tweaker might be the right choice. On top of all that, this amp is pretty competitively priced for what it offers. If you want a truly boutique design on a budget, you will hardly find a better candidate.

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