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EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine V2 Super Chorus – Concentrated Performance With a Low Profile

4.6 out of 5 stars

EarthQuaker devices is a relatively fresh guitar equipment manufacturing company, founded in 2004 and based in Ohio, USA. They’ve quickly gained favoritism with many guitar lovers everywhere in their short span of existence, which speaks a lot in itself. The main reason for this is the care and thoughtfulness they put in the manufacturing process itself, their pedals are entirely hand-made and truly exceptional. The spotlight today is earned by the EarthQuaker Devices EQDSEA2 Sea Machine V2 Super Chorus.


The Sea Machine offers controls and variations like no other, featuring a mixture of analog and digital circuits and a longer than usual delay time, this chorus pedal truly shines. A number of intriguing controls fit into a relatively small chassis make it even more attractive to use, covered up with an appealing color choice. You’ll find the standard ins and outs on this box and it only requires a two 9V batteries to run.



Given the slight complexity of this chorus pedal’s set of controls, they can be broken down for easier understanding like this:

-Rate, which sets the LFO (low-frequency oscillation) speed. The featured LED light displays the tempo, even during bypass
-Shape, which adjusts your wave from “soft-triangle” to “hard-square”
-Dimension adds a minor “slap-back” effect at lower levels, a reverb-like feel at middle levels and a resonating echo at higher levels
-Intensity defines how much of the delay time is modulated by the LFO
-Animate offers heavy modification of your pitch shift, from lower to higher, you get a more focused traditional feel to your chorus to a deeper and more aggressive one, respectfully.
-Depth controls how much of the modulated signal blends in with the dry signal


This extremely versatile pedal offers high-quality sound modifications rarely found elsewhere. Regardless of what you’re playing, ranging from smooth classic tones to a burst of aggression and depth, this masterpiece will bend to your will and deliver accordingly. It is also made to fit in a line-up of overdrive, distortion and fuzz while mitigating any unwanted interference or decrease in volume. This classic by EQ will adapt and it will please your sound whichever you desire.


We all know that sometimes it can be hard to find a great product at a reasonable price, but not this time, this masterpiece by EarthQuake is definitely a must have in every guitarist’s arsenal.

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