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Donner DB-2 – Light Weight Bundle Of Real Estate

4.8 out of 5 stars
Donner DB-2 – Light Weight Bundle Of Real Estate
Controls:4.7 out of 5 stars
Features:4.8 out of 5 stars
Performance:5 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars

Howdy folks, meet the Donner DB-2, an item hailed by music aficionados as one of the best pedalboards of 2016. Capable of packing a solid amount of pedals, this product features a strong build, is easy to use, looks sleek and elegant, and even boasts a fair and affordable price tag.

The key factor here is how well the components have been mixed up with the listed pricing, producing an item worthy of any guitarist's consideration. We took it out for a bit of a test run, our conclusions patiently await below.

Donner DB-2-2


Crafted from aluminum alloy, the product's body features a basic yet highly effective rail-like design that makes attaching pedal easy and convenient. It features a size of 20 x 8 x 1.2 inches, or (510 x 200 x 30 mm), and can easily house up to 12 regular stomp-box pedals, while also being long to host such effects as the lengthy wah pedal.

The board features a light weight of 1.33 pounds (600 g) and an elegant black finish. Reliability and durability are at a decent level, and the product is perfectly capable of taking a few punches during transport.

What we particularly like about the board's rail-like construction is that you get to determine exactly where your pedals will stand and how much apart from each other they will be. This mean that you can organize three pedals on this fella, but also pack it up with 12 stomp-boxes and it will still look and operate just fine.

Donner DB-2-3


The power supply section of the board is definitely one of the strongest point, as not only does it feature top-notch wiring, but is also highly practical, easy to use and reliable. The electronics secure a clean signal path with zero crackle or audio interference, which is exactly what you want to get from a solid pedalboard.

Now here's a real deal sweetener – also included in the price is a canvas transport bag to securely take the board to gigs. While it is a bit tight and some users have reported struggling to pack the board in with bigger pedals attached, the bag is surprisingly strong and crafted from materials that will last for quite a long time.

If you want maximum practicality, the bag was made so you can hook the pedalboard directly out of it and avoid the process of taking the thing out and storing the bag on the side. It won't exactly save you hours, but it's a good option to have when fast setups are required, like when sharing the stage with more bands.

Additionally, 40-inch professional grade adhesive backed hook-and-loop for securing pedals and zip ties have also been included in the price. Note that while a power supply is not included in the price, a separate bracket under the board has been provided to store adapters of just about any kind.


When the final line is drawn, tis product offers top value for money if purchased from the right retailer. It can be yours for around $75 and offers all the convenience, quality, and elegant looks of an item at least 50 percent more expensive.

What's especially great about this fella is that you can buy it when your pedal collection is small, and then steadily build it up. Seeing that the DB-2 is capable of storing as many pedals as majority of players would need in a live setting, this might be the only pedalboard you'll ever need. Good stuff, highly recommended!

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